The new Twitter "Follow" button works on some of my posts but not all; help?

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    As I began copying/pasting the HTML code into my oldest posts, about the third post it stopped working. In the past, I have often had glichy-problems editing my posts from the HTML tab. It would be easier/convenient if WordPress just made the Twitter-Follow tool easy to add to posts, pages, etc. rather than making us go into the HTML coding to do it; less errors and work for us!
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    You can still use the Visual Editor when copying and pasting in any shortcodes (including the Twitter Follow button), so you don’t have to switch to the HTML editor. :)


    Yes, as I read further I noticed you can go into other Twitter tools: Sharing, Publicizing, so I will experiment with these. Thank you! My apologies.


    No problem – I’m glad I was able to help you out a bit. :)


    Well, I’ve tried copying/pasting within the Visual Editor and still no success; nothing appears at all. I’m trying to put in a Twitter Follow button with # of followers on each post and page — no luck. More help?



    Can you give me a direct link to a post where it isn’t working?


    Yes, certainly: [link removed]

    I have now tried the coding at the bottom of the page in both the Visual Editor & the HTML Editor, neither with success.




    The problem was actually the @ you included with the screen name. The @ symbol is just part of Twitter’s notification and reply system, not actually part of the screen name.

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