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the new widgets

  1. has anyone noticed the changes and the new ones?

    What's the effect of the TEXT widgets (there's an option to set the numbers)?: I've tried to put one in the side bar and nothing happened

    I also put the delicious widget, which displayed an empty white rectangle

    RECENT COMMENTS: it's a very good to see who commented in which post but with WR-Andreas9, it doesn't look too good. It'd be fine if the name appeared without a rectangle and the post in a rectangle. I find it hard to read this way.

    Trying to be constructive with the feedback

  2. Is it too hard to see the configuration icon on the widgets?

  3. oh ! Okay, did not pay attention. Right, I'll test those to see what they do.


  4. woah ! I see. Neat add-ons. To be explored. Thanks to the team.

  5. Yes, I noticed these earlier. Very nice! Much thanks to the WordPress boys!

  6. Oh and Matt, the configuration icon is very clear, checked that out right away ;)

  7. When will the new widgets be available for Simpla 1?

  8. @ taraden

    good to know you have good eyes, no display problems with Safari and nice ways to tell others they're wordpress ignorant and you're sooooo widget-smart

    @ wordpress: thanks to the team, after a few tests, those new widgets are indeed one further step towards total customization, a nice feeling after the somewhat frustrating and annoying glitches of the last two or three days :)

  9. wrnc: I wasnt implying that at all..and very sorry if you took it that way. Matt had asked a question if the icons were clear and I made a comment that I thought they were. Did not mean to offend you.....sorry :(

  10. Love the Blix template, unfortunately I don't think there are no widgets for the Blix template. But it is good to know that we're getting close to customization. Maybe next stop ... headers. I can't wait to break out a certain header from a certain image hosting account. It's getting cobwebs, dudes. ;)

  11. How about a calendar widget? :)

  12. moved to forums

  13. Still don't understand: It is possible to create a new widget? I don't know if I gonna be able to find out this exactly forum again. Anybody with a certain answer? My email is [email redacted]

  14. Don't put your email address here in the forums as the spammers will find it and you inbox will be filled with spam.

    And please don't post the same question in multiple threads as it makes us volunteers run in a circle.

  15. How about telling us what you want to do. Text widgets are quite versatile.

  16. @napolean- you can't create a "new" widget, but some very creative people have shared their ideas for getting the most out of the text widgets (which don't include javascript of course). As TSP suggested, please share what you want to do.

    By the way, sure you can find this forum again. Just click on the word "member" by your name and you'll magically be taken to a page that lists all the threads you've posted here in the forums. And if you add this topic as one of your favorites you can find it even easier.

  17. @napleon
    This may be helpful when it comes to setting up and configuring your widgets

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