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    Since 2.5 (or the .com equivalent is at this very moment coming to a .com blog near you, I thought I would post a bit of a caution regarding text widgets and working with them.

    If you have text widgets with code and such in them on your blog, open each one of them, copy everything in it and paste it into a text file for safe keeping. The reason I say this is that if you remove a text widget from your sidebar, and then decide you want to put it back, when you “add” one back in, it will come in blank with nothing in it. Hopefully WordPress will work on the widget admin area and take out some of the present shortcomings.

    Since you cannot see more than one sidebar at once, moving a widget from one sidebar to another is more involved.

    1. Go to design > widgets
    2. Click on the text widget edit link
    3. Copy the content of the widget to the clipboard
    4. Click the remove button
    5. Click the “Save Changes” button
    6. Select the target sidebar from the pulldown
    7. Click Show
    8. Click “Add” on the text widget bar in available widgets
    9. Click edit on the text widget in the sidebar panel
    10. Paste the content into the widget text area
    11. Reenter the title (if one is desired)
    12. Click “Change”
    13. Click “Save Changes”

    If you are moving more than one, you will have to copy the stuff in the widgets out to a text file. And when working with multiple edits in a sidebar, press “Save Changes” after each widget edit, or the changes may not be saved for all of them.



    what happened to the “authors” widget? it isn’t listed in the list of widgets and the authors section has disappeared from my blog.



    I hate the new dashboard, I can’t see the lettering. The lettering needs to be black!!!



    I agree, it is hard to read the lettering on the new Dashboard, it is so light in color. Can it be rendered in black, as before?



    If you go to your profile there is an option to select the “classic” color scheme back, which would bring back the old colors.

    We’re also going to be adding new color schemes in the future. :)



    Matt, I don’t see that option in my profile. Where should I be looking?



    thesacredpath, thank you. you are most helpful. (patience is a virtue)!



    Never mind, I;m an idiot. I found it.


    Muse, you are welcome as always.


    You can switch the color scheme back to the classic by going to users > my profile and selecting “Classic” admin color scheme and then clicking “update profile.”


    Users and settings is at the far right end of the dashboard menu bar.



    Recent posts widget doesn’t “work”anymore. All others are fine. This one has text, but not theme, color.


    the color is all well and fine but is there any way to change it back completely?


    No way to change it back completely.


    wow that was a very bad decision.



    I just noticed that we can only see widgets for one sidebar at a time and can’t drag them from one side to another any longer. However… when I tried to highlight and copy/paste text within one of my text widgets, it wouldn’t let me do so.

    Is this something others have experienced or not?


    wordpress could have at least given us an option.



    new design for image upload problem in iceweasel ( Linux Debian etch), AJAX not function.



    I can’t figure out how to put an image in my sidebar now. Guess I’ll just sit back and let things shake out.


    How do I show more posts on my page. You use to could go to “manage” and the “read” now I don’t see read. What should I do?

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