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    I wonder why I can’t see the entire area of a widget when I click on it to edit. I wanted to remove a widget because I’m having trouble uploading an image, but the remove button is on the lower left portion that I can see when I try to drag it (widget) but it’s not visible once I released the widget so I can’t remove it.

    I wish I didn’t do anything with my sidebar today now that the dashboard is new, now my site looks all wrong. The recent post widget appears all wrong as well…

    pls help



    Those reporting bugs, please mention which web browser and version you’re using when you post.



    How do I change the order of the widgets in the new format? thanks


    Maybe the post editor needs looking at. Clicking that “indent margins” icon doesn’t do the same thing that it used to. Or is that just on my modified Sandbox?
    Also, I’ve always referred back to other pages on my blog with “?p=[number]”. This doesn’t seem to work any more.



    How can I upload text documents? If with the new dashboard it’s easier to upload images and other media archives, it’s impossible to upload text documents!

    Is there anybody outhere who can help me as far as possible?
    It’s so important for me and the community who read my bitacora!

    Best wishes and thak you so much!



    I also am having the problem with the “insert link” popup in the standard write post window. When i click the link button, I get a completely blank window.

    Browser: Firefox
    Mac computer OSX 10.5.2

    Interestingly, I found a work around. If you go into ‘code view” the link button there will let you put in the URL (although no options for alt text, etc.)

    Of course you can still do things manually, but who has time for that? ;p


    Blank windows or popups:

    If you get a blank window in insert link or the add media, right click on that blank window and select refresh, reload or reload frame (whatever your browser calls it) and the window will refresh and the information will be there.

    Widgets and text widgets:

    If you are using IE, it does not right at the moment seem to play nicely with the widgets area. If you have Firefox, try using it and the problem will very likely go away. If you don’t have Firefox, download and install it and then once the IE thing is ironed out, you can uninstall it if you wish and go back to using IE


    I hope they bring the old dashboard back.




    Great to hear that. Actually I have no problem with the new dashboard since I suppose we only need to get some time to get used to it. It’s the comment edit that I am more concerned with. I have decided, you see… that the best way to deal with spams will be to ‘recycle’ them… by editing.

    Actually, I have not really been bothered with the old version since I habitually go into the Blog Stats.

    Then and again, allow me to suggest that WordPress has a polling system whereby in such case in future, it’d flash upon us logging in and we can ‘vote’ to keep or discard or modify. That way, we won’t have seen the flood into this forum. It’s getting ‘harder’ to log into this forum becos everyone seems to crowd in to report the new changes.

    Rgds! But I am really glad to know the team is constantly thinking of upgrading itself.

    Just don’t be so discouraged.


    The new dashboard is horrible!! I am all in favour of progress, but can’t see how the new design moves things forward…


    I use firefox and when making a new post I can type in the title but I cannot get the cursor in the “post” box. I can only make it happen if I go through using support. It doesn’t do this in IE.



    Some features I like, but I cannot edit existing Text widgets in Andreas09 – only half the window displays (vertically) and text in some posts made before the change which had been centred has reverted to align left; changing text back to centred text won’t stick.



    thanks! my authors pics are back to the normal size.



    I have a problem editing my text widget. I have 3 text widgets and the edit link in one of them doesn’t appear in my design-widgets-dashboard. FYI, the text widget that doesn’t have an edit link is the one that has a long title and content text. It works fine before but now, I cannot edit it. I am using firefox Your help is very much appreciated.



    Ah, nevermind. The edit link doesn’t show but now, I can find it if I point my mouse over the text.


    I have another problem with widgets and themes. I’m not sure if anyone has posted about this, but because of how much time i need to fix this, I haven’t really read all the comments.

    Basically, I just switched from a 2-sidebar theme to a single sidebar theme, and in the original theme, all my widgets were in the 2nd sidebar.

    So when I switched over, there’s no 2nd sidebar to show, but all my widgets are stuck in the 2nd sidebar and I can’t remove them or move them to the first sidebar, so I’m stuck to having to switch back, remove, and switch to the new theme again.




    Did the steps outlined in the very first post in this thread not help you?



    What you are describing is a problem for IE. Download Firefox and use that until they get the bug worked out and then once they do, you can uninstall FF if you wish and go back to IE.



    Many thanks for writing down the workaround about moving your widgets to a different sidebar. I’d thought of that in my own little head but it’s so coarse. The WP team give us loads of Flash we don’t need and then we can’t even move your widgets in the simple way we used to. This doesn’t make sense.

    Let’s hope it’s only momentary :\)


    Hello from germany,

    I have problems with the widgets in the right sidebar as well. I´m using the Blix theme and on the widgets site in my dashboard there are just the first 4 Widgets showing up.
    Theres an “edit” button but it doesn´t seem to have any effect – I´m not able to save the changes to the widgets.

    I´m using Firefox!

    As I need to change something (as my webring made changes) I´ll appreciate your help!

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