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The Next Person game

  1. Oh, yes! Love Jeannie!!!

    TNP has a secret crush!

  2. i used to watch that show all the time :DD

    TNP's toes are cold

  3. I've never heard of I Dream of Jeannie.

    TNP watches and enjoys the Regular Show.

  4. No(t yet)

    TNP doesn't like his/her toes

  5. Not troo! D:

    TNP hates chat-speak.

  6. No, lol.

    TNP likes the smell of benzene.

  7. False,
    TNP brought in the New Year hugging the Porcelain King

  8. no mam

    the next person is in love. real love.

  9. nope.
    TNP is a teenager

  10. Indeed.
    TNP has a strange pet.

  11. not really...just an overweight dog...

    TNP likes pomegranates as much as i do :D

  12. touringthehouse

    No Too many pips.

    TNP has a moustache.

  13. Only when I draw one on.

    TNP loves to dance.

  14. Hate it ever since I started ballet.

    TNP has ever had a crush on a teacher.

  15. True - sexy English teacher (arrogant though!)

    TNP loves tennis

  16. false-got hit too many times with the racket

    TNP loves carnivale people and wishes to join the circus

  17. True..a life on the road with a bearded lady, who could ask for more?

    TNP read my blog and liked it.....(this feels dangerous)

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