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The Next Step. COLLEGE.

  1. So I am getting ready to start applying for colleges and start taking the SAT and the ACT. So if you are getting ready for the next step or have any helpful advice please leave a comment. Or drop by my blog and check it out.

    Teen Quirkiness

    The blog I need help with is

  2. All the best for college.. its better than high school in someways..

  3. yeah hopefully it will be.

  4. all the best for college :)
    me, i am in university. 1st year, and i study about journalism :) nice meeting ya :)

  5. College is awesome! I'm a sophomore this year but it's still as exciting as the first day I moved into the dorms last August. It's like my friends say, "If you're not having the time of your life here... something's wrong." So be excited! It's a lot better than the personal hell of high school.. unless you enjoyed high school.. but it's still a lot better.

  6. Yeah I'm excited but I still have time to do the boring things first (like graduating) lol.

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