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    Is there anyway to put the white band on my blog found at the bottom of the page here:



    Member This is a blog and you can purchase a upgrade to css customize its appearance. This thread will show you the 3 options available for template editing at wordpress.

    http: // ActionHost? I don’t know why you posted this link here. This is not a blog. Please contact your blog host if you require support and/or want help to edit the template.

    Also note that this is a support forum and no “advertising” of any sort can be posted here. When bloggers do that they create extra work for our Moderator and staff who have to remove the links.



    TT, the poster is asking how to put a banner from that site onto their blog here.

    Note that the white banner is a javascript and those are banned due to security concerns. (If they were allowed, then someone could upload one that would allow access to the backends of the blogs here) You can try putting in the non-javascript version into a post or something.

    Where specifically are you trying to add it in on your blog?

    Gotta admit that I’m a strong cynic when it comes to programs like that. I watch all these coat drives and fundraisers for the lessoff but we never see this money trickle down to the organizations who are actually are helping these folks. Maybe it’s just me though.



    @drmike and watermelonbob
    I just inserted the animated non-javascript version into a text widget in the Garland theme successfully. I placed the text widget at the very top of the sidebar and it fits fine and is rotating fine too. I’m not posting the url because it’s on my private blog but if you want drmike I’ll email it to you so you can see it.


    thanks timethief & drmike.

    I tried putting it in a text widget on my sidebar and it worked!

    BTW, this ONE campaign is a cause: making poverty history. They’re not asking for money, they’re asking for our voice. So maybe this one might be one worth checking for you drmike. ;)



    i’ve white banded my blog too, thanks to this thread!

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