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The option "Privacy" is missing within the SETTING options

  1. Hi I just opened the blog and have seen this option in the settings and chose "private" then, but since logging in once more I cannot find it there anymore between the options MEDIA and SHARING or elsewhere to make it public. Help would be great!
    Blog url:

  2. Try clicking on users and personal settings. I too don't have the privacy button.

  3. It looks like the Staff is tinkering today - I have flagged this for their attention

  4. The privacy settings are in your blog's Dashboard at Settings -> Private.

  5. Sorry about that, check Settings -> Reading now. I'll update the support docs.

  6. For some context the option used to be at Settings > Privacy. As part of some changes we're working on right now that's moved to Settings > Reading.

    For even more context it's all part of getting WordPress 3.5 merged on to :)

  7. Thanks!

  8. You're welcome!

  9. Thanks :)

  10. So Privacy isn't under Privacy any more? Okay.

  11. Correct, there is no more Settings -> Privacy option. It's all under Settings -> Reading now.

  12. Putting "Privacy" in bold would help a bit - I did look in the Read section but the type was too small for my old eyes -

    @RC - I thought you always knew the secret handshake :)

    Thanks for the update -

  13. Ah, that's why I can't authorise invitees as the link goes to the old options- privacy.

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