The option to add head tag in my editor has seemed to disappear?

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    I am not familiar with HTML, how can I add header tags to my blogs? I used to have the option in my editor, but the button is no longer available?
    Thank you!!
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    The blog I need help with is



    You are referring to the Style pulldown icon number 1 in Row 2 of the Visual editor. See here please >


    Thanks Very Much!!!!!!!!!!!


    Typically If I do Not assign Header Tags, will wordpress automaticallly asign an H1 Tag to my Blog title?



    The themes we use are coded to provide the correct headers for your blog title and all post titles, page titles, etc.


    So there is no need for me to manually assign Htags at all?



    As timethief said, the HTML of your blog includes the right tags for all titles. And you can’t edit the HTML of those elements anyway.
    The h tags you can apply to the content of a post are optional: you only use them if you have actual headings in a post and want to highlight them in the default style of the theme.


    Thanks Very Much!



    You’re welcome from me too.

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