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The Other "Poppressed Ads" Problem - The Shock of Seeing Actual Ads

  1. How do you find that out? I'm fascinated.

  2. And of course that's on top of the Videopress upgrade, because it doesn't matter how many space upgrades you have, unless you have the Videopress upgrade you can't upload and embed videos directly in your blog.

    /scratching head. Something doesn't sound right. disembedded, are you saying that you have 195GB worth of storage *in use*?

  3. 195GB, though not all are currently being used.

  4. This is probably old news to some of you, but I just found the mothership from which the panned PopPressed ads were being beamed.):

    (The ads beneath my blogs were not linking to the site, so I had to Google it.) I really did'nt know until today that this was a WordPress enterprise:

    "New Pop Culture Website PopPressed Just Launched!

    We’re very excited to announce that Inhabitat is going to be taking part in PopPressed – a new WordPress website dedicated to showcasing pop culture. Born as a collaboration between WordPress and Federated Media, PopPressed is a unique site that features daily arts and style coverage from around the web (like Inhabitat). The site is presented and supported by Lexus’ new CT Hybrid, and promises to bring you “the freshest in culture” via photos and features. And so far, they have delivered!" (PopPressed)

    WordPress's involvement in this makes me a tad pessimistic about "satisfactory" resolution of this issue. I would like to be wrong on this, but those of you who said the ads were here to stay were probably right on the money. So given this probable writing on the wall it's probably wise to start making plans right now. Like I said before, there are posts and blogs I don't care to sacrifice to this enterprise - but by the same token there are posts and blogs I will not "donate" to this cause. New bloggers will join WordPress and ads will be part of the landscape - and the sun will rise again.

    My name is Mooga, but you can call me Darth

  5. This isn't news to me. When the complaints first surfaced I looked into it and I blogged about this partnership on March 20th, 2011

  6. @ timethief

    Suddenly the room feels more illuminated than it was a few minutes ago. Beyond ads issue, it was great to be reminded about WordPress' redistribution rights. It's a cautionary tale about negotiating the legalistic obstacle course around here.

    So, praytell, what happens to those redistribution rights after one migrates one's posts or blogs from here then?

    I have bookmarked your link for later. Thanks a bunch.

    My name is Mooga, but you can call me Darth

  7. @ timethief Thanks.

  8. Thanks for your input, folks (especially TT for the link - missed that somehow). Having been absent from the forums for some months due to serious illness, I was totally unaware of this.

    No sign of this on my blog, as yet. I use FF but I've just had a look using IE and so far so good.

    I'd be seriously brassed off if this egregious crap affected my blog (and I suppose it will), but given the time and effort invested in it, a switch to .ORG, or whatever, and effectively starting again from scratch, has few attractions (not least because I may not be around long enough to rebuild my readership).

    I suppose the best I can do, in the hope of not having my readers pissed off too much, is publish a prominent disclaimer.

  9. What kind of wording are people using for these disclaimers and where are they putting them?

  10. @theianfox
    Hello there and g'day to you. I have disclaimers posted in both blogs in text widgets in the sidebars and on my About pages. This is the wording I used for them:

    Please note that any ads you see on this blog are placed here by The Administrators of this blog have no connection to or financial interest in any of the promoted products and/or services and gain no income from any advertising displayed on this blog.

  11. The Pop Pressed ads are definitely gone now, sorry for the trouble. :(

    We're going to shoot for having better presentation and content matching for future Pop Pressed-style ads.

  12. @macmanx : Just a minute while I uncork my imaginary champagne bottle ;-)

  13. @airodyssey, I'll uncork a real one for you. ;)

  14. @macmanx

    The "relief", no matter how temporary is appreciated. But some of us will be watching to see what WordPress does by way of addressing bloggers concerns about ads .... any kinds of ads.

    The vocal ones are the ones to pay attention to because 9 times out of 10, they are the ones who actually care about what they write and how it is presented to the world - contexts included.

    I had Wordress right up there with Craigslist when it comes to its community Q-factor (likability.) I wanna keep it there, if y'all don't mind.

    My names is Mooga, but you can call me Darth

  15. For a start, how can you presume to represent pop culture without including Of course, I'm not willing to pay...

  16. /lifting her coffee cup in a toast, but not removing the ad disclaimer from her blogs quite yet. :)

  17. Thinking aloud here...

    @macmanx-understood that the removal is a temporary measure, but would like to know if purchasing the No-Ads Upgrade will indeed eliminate "X-Pressed" ads as well.

  18. I have the Ad Control upgrade, and I'm not seeing any of those ads.

  19. That's because you're special rain. :) But the rest of us had these PopPressed ads all over our blogs until recently.

    According to what @macmanx said, they've been temporarily removed for everyone. Eventually, they will get reinstated. What I want to know is whether the No Ads upgrade will remove these specifically, in addition to the other forms of advertising currently in use by Ad Control is for those individuals who have 25,000+ uniques per month and split ad income with Not the same animal.

  20. Correction re Ad Control: Not uniques, but page views!

  21. No Ads will always remove all ads, Adsense, Pop Pressed, and whatever else we may come up with.

  22. Thanks for the clarification!

  23. You're welcome!

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