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    When I try opening a page or saving it, it always freezes. I see the pointer swirling around (I have a mac) and around for a long time, and then a message pops up: “The code is not working (I can’t remember the exact wording, sorry), would you like to stop or continue?”

    If I press Stop, I often find bits of work hasn’t been saved.

    If I press Continue, I don’t lose work but sometimes the page will freeze again and the message will come up again.

    It’s annoying. It doesn’t happen to every single page but it does on about half of them, especially the longer pages.

    I don’t know what ‘code’ it’s talking about. I don’t use any that aren’t provided by WordPress or is average HTML. If a code doesn’t work in WP, I can usually tell because it doesn’t show up on the page on “View the page”.

    Could it be the movies I link to on my page? I put a link to images that when people click on the image, it takes them to a new window with a movie on it? (I prefer this to embedding BTW for special reasons of my own).

    I don’t know what I’m doing that freezes the page. I don’t use a lot of fancy code at all. I just put images up from Photobucket and put links to other sites up.

    It’s annoying because it slows my work and often these pages are the same ones that are awfully slow to work on – when I paste something or type something on the page, it takes forever to show up. Even pressing return can take a while to see the results.

    It doesn’t happen for every page, some pages – especially the ones I’ve just started up and don’t have a lot on them – are fine.

    But these freezing and slow pages are a chore to work on. It can take hours to write up a page when it should take only 30 minutes or so. It’s become a persistent problem now that I’ve built up quite a number of pages on my blog that I am forced to write a post on this.

    Thanks for any replies.



    I meant ‘script’ not ‘code’ as in script is not loading or working or something – in the message pop up box I get.


    If you are talking about javascript, then no it will not work here at It is not allowed.

    Javascript – can I use that on my blog?



    I don’t put javascript in my blog, not knowingly anyway. Maybe it’s being put in unwittingly when I’ve copied and pasted? I try and put in text as plain text or I clean it up and make it plain text using the ‘eraser’. WordPress has some javascript doesn’t it? Like when you insert images. How can I eliminate the javascript from the blog? Remember I’m not putting in javascript purposefully. Will it show in code format?

    The message says the script is busy or something like that. It asks should it continue trying to load the script or cancel.


    Sorry, I misunderstood, I thought when you were talking about script that you were trying to insert some into a post or page.

    What browser and version are you using and what operating system?



    The message says the script is busy or something like that. It asks should it continue trying to load the script or cancel.

    When you get this message above have you tried just pressing “continue” and allowing the javascript (Google analytics – urchin script) that uses on our blogs to complete loading?



    I’m using MacOSX 10.39 and Firefox browser. But this problem happens on Opera too. I’ve tried “Continue” and “Stop”, it doesn’t fix the problem. It happens again when I try to load the page (save it) or open it or even just work on it (type, press return, try to insert an image) — it’s incredibly slow.

    It takes 4 minutes to get a picture up there. 1 minute to press return before return shows up, and then another minute to bring up the Image box, and then another minute for the image to show up.

    It is the same for text. It takes forever for the cursor to move to “Return” (to a new line) and sometimes I have to do it twice, waiting a minute each time for the cursor to move.

    That’s why it’s so frustrating. It should be instantaneous and it used to be like this.

    I’ve tried erasering the whole text, and removing maybe some hidden font or font script that I may have inadvertently inserted into the blog but this hasn’t helped.

    I’ve noticed when I’ve done the erasering (made it plain text – no bold etc), a little message is at the bottom left saying ‘javascript: tiny …..’ so I know WordPress does use javascript (which you may already be aware of) … so I am wondering if it’s WP’s javascript that is slowing things down?

    I just want to get rid of the troublesome script because it’s murder writing on the blog. Something that should take minutes takes hours.

    I don’t want to put in any fancy script. All I do is copy and paste text, insert images from my Photobucket album (sometimes I make the images a link), insert links, make tables (my own tables), and that’s about it.

    I think I may have inserted a javascript when I copy and paste text, maybe that’s it? I always get pictures from my own Photobucket album, I don’t copy pictures from other websites directly onto my own.

    I had a big problem a while back that the page would stop every three minutes and save itself even though I didn’t press save, it was an automatic save and would slow me down because the page would freeze for three minutes while it saved (and it would ask about Continue or Stop the script loading question), but I solved it by making it “Publish” instead of “Draft” (I had most of my pages on “Draft” back then). I don’t know if this relates, probably doesn’t.

    I am not knowingly putting in javascript and I’ve tried “Continue” and “Stop” many times. “Stop” if I recall correctly makes it quicker to load (I can’t remember exactly) but the same question keeps popping up when I save it again, and also I have lost work with “Stop”.

    Will putting the blog in the Code format when I’m editing it show up any javascript that is slowing the loading? I suppose this is the next step to try.



    Many other sites use Javascript in some way. Do you have issues with other sites? Or is this unique to



    > Will putting the blog in the Code format when I’m editing it show up any javascript that is slowing the loading?

    it’ll remove a great deal of it, not all though.

    worth to try anyway (uncheck “Use the visual rich editor when writing” on the Profile page). post back with an update if it gets better.




    I removed some code from a webpage that had that freezing problem. I went into Code View and deleted code such as <start preview > and p class=add linkout and p class=add text and p style: margin-top. These are the ones I saw. I also deleted text that had funny long gaps between words – the text looked OK in View and in Rich Text Edit view but looked strange in Code View.

    I still get that message “Stop or Continue (unresponsive script)” but it only happens once and only when I open the page in Rich Text Editing mode. Before this message would pop up several times when I was loading the page and even pop up while I was typing stuff, it would interrupt me every minute or so.

    Also the page loads much faster, and typing text is quicker, and I don’t get the freezing when I insert images. It still stalls a little when I press “RETURN” but not as for long as before. I could make a cup of coffee while waiting for it to stop stalling previously!

    Overall much much better though not as good as some other pages (ie not 100% back to normal, maybe 75%?) and I still get that message (ONCE) on opening the page (though not when I save it) so I know there is still some problematic code in there.

    But I’ve gone over it with a fine-tooth comb several times in code view which is a chore which I don’t want to do again once more so I think things are good enough now as they stand.

    And I also emptied out my cookies, and restarted the computer before testing the page after cleaning up and removing code just in case the cookies etc were giving me a false negative result.

    It seems like I have to clean up the script with all the other pages that have the same script problem, but I at least I’ve found the answer to an annoying problem that was swallowing up gads of time.

    The problem is only with Rich Text Edit view, here’s why:

    Before I did the clean-up I tested the page in Safari and I didn’t have any of the stalling problems that I did in Firefox (I have a mac 10.39) – I was only using the Rich Text Edit view on Firefox – but in Safari (1.3.2) you can only edit in HTML code mode anyway, there is no Rich Text Editing mode. This limitation is inconvenient for me as I need to edit in Rich Text mode for the visual cues that I get in that mode.

    And when I turned off the Rich Text edit in Profile in Firefox and tested things in code view, there was no problem there either (no unresponsive script message at all) – the problem of stalling appears to be confined to the Rich Text editing mode.

    Thanks for that link, timethief, I had a brief lookover before I wrote this feedback and will look into it more.



    I meant I cleared out the cache, not the cookies.

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