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The page is wider than my computer screen

  1. When I am editing a page on my blog, the words at the end of each line are not visible inside the text box. When I go to read my pages, the text starts somewhere in cyberspace to the left of the beginning of my computer screen. Is there something wrong with my margins? How can I fix this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. First you need to post the URL of your site beginning with http so someone can look at the site.

  3. In the future, please give us a link to your blog so that we can investigate the problem ourselves.

    If this is the blog in issue I can't see any problem:

    However you write that this is about editing, so this happens on the admins pages. My guess is that this is a bug in this relatively new theme. I think perhaps you should write support?

    That's why a link to your blog is important: it could be theme related...

  4. Also: Check your computer settings. Zoom Level in the browser should be 100%. For IE look in the grey Status Bar.

  5. Also, if you are talking about in the dashboard and in the page/post editor, what is your monitor resolution?

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