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Why did the page layout change when I updated it?

  1. when I update the modify on my page (in this case on Smith lures) it change completely the layout!! All system is very low and when i push the "publicate" command all the text change position!! and sometimes do it with autosafe function.
    It's more than 4 days that I can't work at this condition!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please do something

    Blog url:

  2. Do you mean ? Could you tell me what, exactly has changed?

  3. Hi there.
    When I add new image and text under the bottom line all page layout change. I'll do it a second and u can see what happends

  4. If you could upload some screenshots of before/after to your Media library, that would be perfect.

  5. now is online the "confuses" page..

  6. Did u see it? It's all different!!!

  7. I can't find any pages called "Confuses."

    Can you send me a link to the page?

  8. Sorry for delay.
    This is the right visual of page:
    When I add a new picts all the layout of page change at upload like this:
    Is impossible work now!!
    Tks for your attention

  9. I spent 1 day(!!) for made this page .. All problems, I think, are started at new release of wordpress but probably I'm doing some mistakes..

  10. The text at was added as a caption to the image, which is why it's all stacked up below the image.

  11. Tks!! I'll try to write it as text

  12. You're welcome!

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