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the page password is not working for me

  1. tweetysylvester

    I wanted my whole site to be visible except my journal and photos pages. i tried adding the page password in the blue box while editing the page, but i could still see the pages after logging out. please help! thankyou!

  2. tweetysylvester

    one note from asker: does the box above it, page status, does that have to be at private?

  3. tweetysylvester

    ok another note fromt the asker. i figured it out, but now all the posts dissapeared!!!!

  4. tweetysylvester

    ANOTHER note from the asker. ok well i got the the posts back, but it doesnt seem possible to have the posts page private because i dont have the posts page as my front page and i have a static page. when i go to the reading option, and if my post page is put on private, then i dont see the option to make it my posts page. so then when i go on my site, i dont see any posts. oh i know i sound really confusing but if there is anyone who understands what i am saying, please respond! thankyou!

  5. tweetysylvester

    alrighty then. yet another note from the asker. now im getting a different problem. the posts will show up and everything but now theres no privacy whatever even if i put it on private and with a password. anyone respond please!!

  6. Well you keep changing the question...

    Please state very specifically what your specific question is and then wait for a response.

  7. If you've typed in the password and NOT cleared your cookies since, even if you're logged out I think you will still be able to see the posts as if they weren't password protected, even though they are.

    I'm presuming all your problems are solved except that one. Clear your cookies and the rest of your Internet cache, sign out, and try to read the protected posts. Then report back here.

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