The Pages I created are not being displayed on the Menu bar

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    All the pages that I created are still not visible on the Meny bar of ‘Postage Stamps of the World’ in Why is this problem occurring still?



    Can an official from WordPress help, please?



    I’m having the same problem at My original “about” page is showing up (renamed), but I added a second page and it will show up for about 3 minutes after I publish it, and then disappear.


    I’m having the same problem, but now, when I’m logged-in i can se the missing page. Weird….
    My blog’s name is and the missing page is “Föräldraråd”.


    This is happening to my blog too. It’s so frustrating as i’ve just purchased a premium theme and then this happens. I wonder if it’s a problem with wordpress itself, since it’s happening to a number of blogs at the same time. i’m still waiting to hear back from a wordpress official.



    I figured out why mine wasn’t working. If you go to the Appearance > Menu tab and create a menu with all of the pages or categories you want, and then go to the tab “Theme Locations” on the bottom left hand of the window – you have to select the menu you create to be the primary menu. Apparently this is a step a lot of newbies like me miss.

    Hope this helps. As I said, it fixed my problem.


    Have just done what jencanread suggested and it seems to have worked. Thank you!



    I followed jencanread and it has resolved the problem.


    Suddenly it works for me…..hmmm. But I have not done anything.

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