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Changes to the Visual Editor, including Images and Paste from Word

  1. On March 24th, we introduced new features to, described in this post:

    As part of this change, the post editor will get the ability to drag images right in to it and have them upload. You can also resize images right in your editor window.

    We have also removed the "Paste as (Microsoft) Word" button from the Visual Editor toolbar in your post/page editor window. Most of the time, you should now be able to paste text from Word and other pre-formatted text without an issue. If you still need a plain-text paste option, you can use the "Paste as Text" button (the upper case T).

    For more information on using Microsoft Word (or other word processors) with WordPress, see:

    We have also renamed the 'Kitchen Sink' option to expand your toolbar options to 'Toolbar Toggle'.

  2. For reference, these changes are part of a much larger upgrade of WordPress (both and self-hosted WordPress at

    One change is that WordPress is implementing a new version of TinyMCE, the tool that powers much of the editor. For more information on this change as part of the WordPress project, see:

    You can read a bit more about what else will be coming as part of these changes at

  3. If you have questions or concerns about the changes to the Image Editor in particular, we ask that you post your feedback in the following thread:

  4. You should be able to post your MS Word content directly into your Visual editor window without needing the "Post from Word" button.

    If you are running into problems where formatting is lost or you're getting strange formatting, please let us know, particularly with table data. You can post in the following thread with a link to your post or page that isn't working; it would also be super helpful to have a copy of the Word source document uploaded to your media library so we can take a look.

    Note: Firefox users on Windows machines may need to clear the browser cache with ctrl+shift+del in order to get Firefox to recognize the formatting.

  5. As one of the changes to the editor, the "More colors" option under Text colors has been removed.

    It's possible we may build in new ways to change text color in the future, but for now, you'll need to use the default set of colors. If you need to use a custom color, you can choose a default color from the palette, and then edit the color in the Text editor window to add your custom color as a six-digit "hex" color.

  6. We heard back from our developers and we have been informed that border, margin, and %-based resizing controls will not be returning as of right now.

    Stay tuned for more updates.

  7. **Update:

    Our developers have updated the image details modal and brought back most of the advanced functionality as seen here:

    There are discussions about bringing back borders/margin functionality as well.

  8. Another update!

    The developers have been working through the feedback provided by users. Among other things, some functionality involving the Paste as Text option, image editor, and pasting content from other sources has been changed in response to the suggestions we've received from users.

    To see the changes, please clear your browser cache (in the case of Firefox users, try ctrl+shift+del) to reload in your browser.

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