The "Paste from Word" function has changed

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    I have written 1,360 posts using Microsoft Word and successfully transferred them to my WordPress blog, using your “Paste from Word” function. Now, with post 1,361 I am not successful.

    For the first 1,360 posts, the new-paragraph indicators in my text were transferred to my WordPress blog, so that the text remained divided into paragraphs in my blog here. Unless interrupted by a picture, the whole text now appears as one huge paragraph, unless I manually insert a blank line wherever there should be a new paragraph. (In HTML lingo: there are no <p> and </p> operators generated by WordPress where there is a new paragraph in my text.)

    I can correct this manually but it is a big bother.

    Worse than that is that WordPress no longer converts the bullet indications from Microsoft Word to needed


    • operators, and I don’t seem to be able to do it manually either – I get two blank lines between each bullet item, as you can see in my last written post, named “Inlägg 1.361”, almost down at its end.

    With that one I do need help. Or better, to get the “Paste from Word” function restored to work as it did until some time this week. Would that be possible?

    Please advise me what to do – I am lost. And I love to blog.

    The blog I need help with is


    In the visual tab on the editor, select all the content and then from the “style/format” pulldown on the left end of the lower row of icons, select “paragraph” and that should do it. The editor has most likely somehow gotten set into “div” format instead of “paragraph.”



    Thank you for the suggestion. I checked it, and the style/format selection is “paragraph” as it has been all along for the years that I have used WordPress. (I do not even see “div” as a choice in the pulldown there.)

    Also, the ability to handle bullets in the text pasted into WordPress from my Microsoft Word manuscript also disappeared last week, just like the paragraphs. And when I hand code the bullets with ul and li in the WordPress editor the bullets appear with TWO blank lines between each, contrary to NO blank lines when I got it correctly transferred from Microsof Word – thus until this week.

    Could you take another look at my problem, please?


    I just did a paste from Word and everything came in just fine.

    There is not a “div” selection on the pulldown, and it can mistakenly say “paragraph.” Did you select everything and then choose “paragraph” (even if it says paragraph) from the pulldown?

    Word has an almost infinite variety of ways it can destroy the web and I spend countless hours fixing those on client sites.

    Paste from Word into a plain text document (notepad, textedit, etc.) then copy out from the plain text document and paste that into wordpress. Then do your formatting using the visual editor tools. For unordered or ordered lists, select all the text that goes into the list and click the appropriate button on the toolbars.

    Without being able to see the messed up post/page and look at the code, I can’t really do much.



    Thank you for your effort with the paragraphs. I am going to paste the Microsoft Word manuscripts to WordPress as always, and then manually insert a blank line between each paragraph. That should do it with a minimal effort, and I will also manually code any bullet list in html.

    I had a personal website for several years and I coded everything in basic html without any coding tools whatsoever, so I know (knew) the html language pretty well.

    I mentioned “div” only because you talked about it in your previous answer. I have never seen or used any “div”.

    Thank you again, and you can mark me as “resolved” – for now at least.



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