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The Photo and the Anatomy

  1. Because everybody enjoys a photoblog! (yes everybody does)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. New posts updated!

    check them out here:

  3. I'm in love....and I'm absolutely blissful that you've clipped your posts so my connection doesn't crash from data overload...shit, wait, it just did, while I was typing this and the blog was loading in another tab. REDIAL. Okay, anyway, I'm still in love. I've noticed you took a hiatus between December and June, planning on doing that again, or are you going to post more often? And are you Captain Squid, or Squire Squid? Crap, crashed again. REDIAL. *pout* it's just so difficult for little ol' me to view!

  4. OutstandIng photography!

  5. @shesboxingclever
    Thanks! I agree, when you think that some photoblogs upload 6-10 photos for each post all on the front page, it gets heavy on the bits and bytes.
    Yea, I have a bit of trouble allocating my time between my two blogs. Now my other blog is being neglected for more than 10 days already (*gasp!). But I am going to post more often (promise!), especially since we have some new projects coming up
    (I'm Squire Starsquid :) )

    Not as outstanding as your SEO/web/blogbuilding skills! (lately I'm becoming more and more aware of the importance of those)

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