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the portrait of mona lisa- is it really a portrait?

  1. jerryjackson007

    For as long as I can remember, this name and portrait has come to stay; not just staying but has given so many time to think about how it was created and why this beautiful, lovely fainting smile on her cheek makes the difference and gives it and its creator the hedge above other portrait and creators.........

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your point is that it's a landscape?

  3. It's my mum

  4. Everybody loves self portraits. Why not self Landscapes?

  5. I don't recall "Mona" from "Who's the Boss?" looking anything like that portrait. Obviously it's a fake...or a paint by numbers...or came out of a cracker jack box.

  6. He first wanted to call it Lisa da Mona because she was kinda noisy, but shortened it after discovering it works fine that way too.

  7. People think that the most drawing feature of the Mona Lisa is her unusually expression. Personally, I think it's her lack of eyebrows.

  8. i wonder how can it be a landscape...???

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