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The "Posts I Like" Widget Won't Let Me Change a Setting

  1. Good morning.

    The "Posts I Like" widget won't let me change the number of posts to show. It defaults to five but if I try to change it to twenty for example and click the Save button it reverts back to five.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hmm.

    Perhaps this isn't an issue after all. Since I am using the infinite scroll I figured I'd just increase the number of posts shown in the sidebar to help fill it in.

    I chose twenty but it wouldn't accept. I thought the "field" was broken and not accepting changes. It defaults to five. Then I changed it to four and it worked. So now I know the field does work after all.

    So I tried 20 again, nope, 19, nope, 18, 17, 16 nope but it accepted 15 and less. So I guess there is an artificial limit imposed of 15 posts max to display.

    Never mind and thank you.

  3. I have this problem as well/also Makaz, normally when there is a limit it will say so somewhere in the Widget, but I do not see a limit mentioned for the Posts I Like Widget (; and so this could be a glitch/bug, but someone with the WordPress Team will probably have to check this out for us or let us know if it is a glitch/bug or not.

  4. Hi Mark - I see that 15 posts are displaying there now. Are you all set with this?

    There's a known issue with this widget where it does not display posts that you like that don't have a featured image included. So in some circumstances, it might be that you haven't liked as many posts that actually have a featured image as the number you've set.

  5. What is the maximum amount of posts that the widget will allow/show Eurello?

    Because it will not let us set more than 15 posts and even when we do set it to under 15 it resets sometimes or appears to reset back to 5, usually if you ignore it or try a few times it will finally set to whatever number under 15 that you set it to.

    Thank you,
    -John Jr

  6. I believe 15 is the max number. I see that that's not clear - I'll suggest that the maximum amount is mentioned in the widget, and we'll update the support document.

  7. Okay, great, thank you very much Eurello. :)

    -John Jr

  8. Hello eurello.

    The very same day I wrote the original post above I came back and wrote a reply.

    Since WordPress now uses infinite-scrolling (it didn't when I last blogged with WordPress six years ago) I wanted to set it for a high number to help fill in the sidebar. The "Blogs I Like" widget allows 50 so I was going to set 50 for the "Posts I Like" widget as well. The "Posts I Like" widget didn't accept 50 so I tried 20 and that didn't work either. I found out through several attempts that apparently 15 was the highest it could be, so I set it at 15. So yes I have 15 now.

    If we could ever set it to 50 I would like that.

    The "Blogs I Like" widget actually says 50 is the limit for that widget but the "Posts I Like" widget didn't mention a limit at all. If 15 is in fact the actual real limit for the "Posts I Like" widget maybe someone at your end could write that in so people will know. That's where the confusion was for me because I tried to set a number that apparently wasn't allowed and it kept ignoring the number I wanted and automatically reset itself to 5.

    But if 15 is the true upper limit then I am fine, I have it at 15 and that's what I am getting.

    What you mentioned about the posts that don't have a featured image attached - I didn't know about that but I will keep an eye out the next time I "Like" someone's post and see if it gets added or not.

    Thanks for replying eurello.

  9. @eurello - Whoops, you just posted again while I was writing this long reply above.

    I see you mentioned about adding the limit in text so people will know, so just ignore that from my last reply. But while talking to whomever will be fixing the widget, to see if they can make it a 50 limit so it matches the "Blogs I Like" widget.

    "Please" was implied. Thank you again. ;-)

  10. Hi Mark - Ok, I'll suggest it. :)

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