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    I love wordpress because it is truly free. I want to support in some way. But there are a few of primary problems that WP needs to fix ASAP to keep me and others around. Keep in mind, while I might be able to deal with the following bugs and work around them the authors on my blog do not have that type of time, and I do not have the time to be a constant editor.

    Problem 1) Image control – alignment
    the image alignment controls and the image upload controls are separate. I thought this wouldn’t be a major issues but with everything my authors are having to learn it is difficult for them to deal with this split in image control, or so it appears. As a result they often just use thumbnails with no alignment. Sometimes I will go back and edit a post to prettify it but I cannot do this all the time. This does not work. The two interfaces should be ONE.

    Example of the problem:
    This could’ve turned out a lot nicer had image alignment been more intuitive accessible. The first step is integrating the controls in to one but another step would be a blogger like interface where you are asked how large you want the photo… which is the next item:

    Problem 2) Image Control – size
    Many times my authors upload an image too large for the system to create a thumbnail. I wind up having to go in, download it, resize it, upload it and then use the thumbnail for them. There needs to be better control of image size. See blogger where you select small, med, large.

    At other times I want to use a larger image because one cannot see the detail in a thumbnail, but because only two sizes are supported by blogger (thumbnail, original) I either have to settle for using the thumbnail with no detail or the original image sized down and very pixelated. WP needs to give the ability to select between Thumbnail, med., large images when uploading, similar to blogger.

    For an example you can again look at the article I linked to above. If the user could’ve had easy control of size it might have turned out nicer. here is someone posting about that same article on their blogger blog and the results were much nicer:

    Also here is another example where a thumbnail unaligned was used at first. I later went in to try and prettify it but had trouble myself. I did not want to use the thumbnail for the pottery shot because it didn’t show enough detail. yet I couldn’t use the original because it was too large and resized to something that would fit the content cell was too pixelated. And I didn’t want to download it, resize it to 200px wide, reupload it… because I wanted the user to be able to click for even more detail. Blogger could handle this without a problem. For wordpress I settled on the lesser of two evils and chose the original, large, but sized down and pixelated. Here are the livable (at best) results:

    Problem 3)
    Link order and control in my theme is just broken, period.
    Why does WP put up themes that do not support basic features (link order)? They shouldn’t. Also, why they allow for themes which has the theme-authors google analytics hidden tags is beyond me, but at least it is not a bug.

    All of the above issues reflect badly on wordpress. With other bloggers that link to my blog criticizing the look of the blog and not the content I’m left wondering if the feature of pagination is really worth sticking with wordpress.

    I hope you can sift through all the emotion above to come out with something constructive. Forgive me if that is a dificult task :/



    One and two are things that should be suggested to the developers, not hosting, since they would require a change in how the WP software works. One of the things about Open Source software is that you get the code and you can do anything you want with it. (As long as you retain copyright on it of course.) You can find a page of methods for helping here.

    Number there is again your opinion and you feel that the theme was created was incorrect. All themes that are available can be modified.

    Again, it sounds like you need to be with paid hosting so you can modify the theme in your own way. It sounds like that free blogging is not something that’s right for you.

    Good luck,



    drmike: what you are saying is that a theme which does not support sorting links is not a bug but only an opinion.

    Fine. But saying that free bloging is not for me I disagree with. Saying that free blogging with WP is not for me, i am still trying to figure out for myself and my authors. I’m only comparing to other free systems already out there.



    I think what cyphunk was saying is that the option in the admin panel for sorting links is there, but certain themes don’t support it. I would think that everything in the admin panel should be supported by the themes? Maybe I have the wrong end of the stick?

    I personally love though so keep up the good work! :D



    drmike: what you are saying is that a theme which does not support sorting links is not a bug but only an opinion. – cyphunk

    Correct it is not a “bug” per se. Different designers of themes have a wide variety in what they think is the correct way to code a theme.

    That doesn’t make it a “bug” it just makes it something other than what you desire. Having said that I would agree, most are of the opinion link sorting should be in each theme. Many of the themes don’t allow link categories to be separated is another example. As a result you must decide between a theme you like and one that parses out the link cats. It limits your options.

    On the issue of image placement I totally agree. Example: I just switched to the Andreas theme. The CSS for the theme contains styling for imgs to be floated left or right with text wrap in a div. When the img url is wrapped in the correct div class the html gets stripped out.

    However I have seen some available themes that do wrap text and provide padding around the imgs. But frankly I haven’t had time to check the source code and follow up.



    it turns out that this theam (Benevolance) was meant to have Categories but there is a BUG that is causing them not to show up:

    Perhaps can use their weight to have whomevers responisibility it is to fix the bug (who should it be:,, the author of the theme? These days everyone is shifting it elsewhere)

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