The problem I am anticipating is whether or not my content is too mature.

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    I looked under Mature Content for specific guidelines on what is and is not too mature for general viewers. I have three novels and a fourth on the way that I would like to put on my back pages, and though they have a few sexual terms, they are basically comedies and satires and romances, and one is a bildungsroman (the one still being written). They are quality writing, and have no rude photos or sex scenes that are more than is found in the average romance novel these days. I would not like to lose the public aspect of your offerings, and hope maybe you can give me some guidance for whether I need to do so or not.
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    “Adult” or mature content blogs are allowed but pornography is not allowed.
    From the TOS
    Please don’t:
    •Post explicit sexual materials that can be considered pornographic, such as explicit images or video of sexual acts or close-up images of genitalia;
    •Post links or banner ads to adult-oriented affiliate networks, such as pornography site signups;
    •Post links, text, or images promoting or advertising escort services;
    •Post images of extreme violence or gore without associated context or commentary;
    •Post images of child pornography;
    •Post content that promotes pedophilia, such as blogs with galleries of images of children where the images, content surrounding the images, or the intent of the blog is sexually suggestive.

    Here’s the support doc regarding Mature Content

    We don’t have warning banners here but you can create a static front page for that purpose and another page for your posts to display on.

    If you would feel more confident by checking this out with Staff first, there’s a button your can use “report as mature” in the dropdown menu on the top left hand corner of the front of your blog.

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