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The Problem in Naming My Goldfishes

  1. I‘d been coaxing my family to have a pet for a very long time. And I finally succeeded.

    Of course there were conditions . One of the conditions was what the pet was gonna be.Cats were struck out ,dogs followed the same fate. Dolphins were ignored and finally goldfishes were chosen.

    My pet was to be goldfishes: decided.Well, I’d always wanted a much more expressive pet than quiet, shy, swishy goldfishes, but a pet’s a pet.

    Once it was decided, it was quite like the way parents behave when there’re gonna have a baby. What’s the aquarium gonna look like? How big is it gonna be. Where are we gonna place it?

    Now goldfishes are supposed to stay in goldfish bowls. At least that’s how it is in movies.And goldfish bowls are supposed to be round.And so a round goldfish bowl it shall be.

    Wow,They Look So Different !!
    Then started “The Naming”. Way before I got a goldfish , I had wanted a cat , and a dog and a parrot and a dolphin.And in my daydreams about these pets, I had even decided their names.And so there was this long list of names my future pets would have. So I was like, So what if I didn’t get those pets, I can always name my goldfishes after them.Right?

    But then when they finally arrived in their shiny new goldfish bowl, naming them turned out to be a very daunting task.The moment you gave one a name it just swished about , and then you never knew who was who. Dogs look similar, but you always know which is which.Right? All goldfishes look the same. Not similar, but same.This was a shocking fact I learned that day.

    Then I thought I’d simplify the names and keep it to just Goldfish 1, Goldfish 2, ...... Sounds Darwinist, nah? Well even that didn’t work.

    Goldfishes are very Expresssive Creatures. Here are Their Myraid of Emotions
    I wonder if they recognise me.One moment they’ll swim towards me, rub their orange noses against the glass, the next moment they swish away , to the other side.They must be feeling confused , I suppose. (They always look confused!! ) It’s difficult to know what they’re feeling.They don’t have many expressions, unlike cats or dogs. (They don’t even purr.) But then there’s something magical about themat the same time.

    Now I’ve finally settled down to no names. Yes.

    But I wonder what to do with the list of names I made. I guess, I’ll just go to the terrace, find the first 8 pigeons and give them those names.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This would be better if it was on your actual blog, so you know, people actually have a reason to go there?

  3. Ahh it is already on your blog, a simple link to the blog post would still be better.

  4. Ya. I bungled it. Anyway. Thanx.:)

  5. I used to know someone who had nine goldfish. They were all called Filbert. I asked him once whether each one was called Filbert as an individual or whether they were all called Filbert on a colective basis. Sort of a gestalt identity.
    I never got a really clear answer.
    I'm not sure he understood the question.

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