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The Question game

  1. incomepowerboost

    This game is very simple you have to reply to the question above you by asking another related question.


    Q Are you having a good day?

    A Did you hear that I was not ?

    Are you relaxing this weekend?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Do you want to go first?

  3. Do fish ever get thirsty?

  4. hollythestrange

    Do fish need to drink?

  5. incomepowerboost

    have you devoted much of your time in wondering if fish drink?

  6. hollythestrange

    Does anyone really think about fish (other than me)?

  7. who says you're the only one thinking about fish?

  8. hollythestrange

    Who says I'm not?

  9. incomepowerboost

    so are your saying thinking about fish is common?

  10. hollythestrange

    What else is something that people often think about?

  11. incomepowerboost

    do you think i am a mind reader?

  12. hollythestrange

    Is mind reading even possible?

  13. incomepowerboost

    What do you think of the chances its possible?

  14. hollythestrange

    What are the chances of anything?

  15. Do you believe in chance at all?

    Do ducks fly?

  16. hollythestrange

    What do ducks use their wings for?

  17. So they can fly huh?

  18. (aren't we suppose to answer with a Q then ask our own?)

  19. Aren't we just supposed to just answer the past question with a related question?

  20. hellowordsalad

    Haha. No one answered.

  21. incomepowerboost

    (yes as in the example you just answer with another related question as in the example ... and to answer the other question no you don't then make up your own question).

  22. incomepowerboost

    Seems we have gotten a bit off track so lets restart.

    Do you enjoy eating pineapple?

  23. why would anyone not enjoy eating pineapple?

  24. incomepowerboost

    should a pineapple survey should be done to find out ?

  25. What if we cheat on the pineapple survey and say that we hate pineapple?

  26. incomepowerboost

    What would be gained by cheating on the survey about pineapple ?

  27. hollythestrange

    Why would anyone want to cheat on a survey about pineapple?

  28. Why would anyone pine for an apple they'd like to serve, eh?

  29. hollythestrange

    Who would pine for an apple?

  30. What's with pining an apple?

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