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The random photography blog, critiques wanted!

  1. Looking back on my blog after tonight's post makes me realize that some might think I am a little bi-polar. Some might be right. Come join me on a romp through a dying American city with a pair of drag queens, meet my insane pets and adorable foster kittens, take a moment to consider memorials and mortality, enjoy the some of the less explored portions of Chicago as well as the well known. Landscapes from out west show up here and there, and even a few visits to the race track.

    What will I post next? Even I have no clue, that is what makes it fun.

    Also, my fellow photographers, I am serious when I invite you to give me critiques on my work. As much as I love positive feedback I would also like to hear where you think I may improve and technique suggestions. If I totally stuffed up an image let me know, I won't be offended unless you're just being a jerk. ;)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I particularly like your close up/macro shots. I think you should do more those.

  3. I need to get a lens extender or macro lens for my DSLR, the grand majority of those photos were taken with my old point-n-shoot which I passed on to a friend after his camera took a dump and quit working. I'll have a new lens soon, I hope, but I have bills to pay in the meantime.

  4. I'm wanting a macro lens as well. The good ones are way too expensive. Then again I need to choose between upgrading my computer to a Mac or getting a lens.

  5. Lens, always go for the lens!

    Well, I guess you know where my priorities are....

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