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    Since a couple of months it doesn’t work well. After the jump, the first line of the next paragraph has dropped away. One has to scroll a bit up to get it back.

    I’ve tried to give the Read-On tag more space, but it doesn’t help. What the Tag seems to do, is adding space in the text. Even when I have pre-added it myself. It also happens with a jpeg, if that is what comes next after the jump. The top of the picture will be cut off a bit.

    You can see – I assume – the effect here, in the post that opens with (forgive me) Joan Rivers:
    The line
    “Even the poorest or otherwise unobtrusive ” has dropped from view, plus half of the next line . Quite irritating.

    Perhaps there is something that I can add to the tag?



    …Sorry. With ‘Tag’ I mean ‘Prompt’….


    No, it’s something that WP must correct: the culprit is the grey admin-bar.



    The bar is necessary, but bars are in fact a plague. I’ve gone to a minimum, and still I count 7 bars eating up 20% of my screen view…
    Some bars can be folded/unfolded by the touch of the cursor. Isn’t this possible with the WP bar?

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