the red header on pinboard is too big

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    Since I uploaded a header image and chose to remove header text, I added a menu of my pages instead on my left sidebar. Now the red (pinboard) header space is massive and pretty much the only thing you see when you first enter my blog. It’s not conducive to a good blog.

    I realize I can reduce the number of pages, but that isn’t really a valid option (there’s only 8).

    How can I reduce or delete the red space on top of the page, or am i doomed??


    The blog I need help with is



    Thank you for this report. It appears that the menu is still in the header, even if the option “Show Header text” is unchecked. I will report this issue to the theme team.


    Yes, that is exactly what’s happening! It looks terrible.. Thanks for responding, I hope it gets fixed sooner rather than later :)




    Hi! Just an update to let you know that this issue should hopefully be fixed soon, we haven’t forgotten about it; however, I do not have a timeline on it.



    We just pushed out a fix for this and the menu in the header will no longer be hidden.
    If you are happy with the menu in the sidebar, you can delete the one from the header by associating a blank menu (one with no links) for the Primary Menu in Appearance -> Menus.

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