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The Rendition of Today's Logic

  1. abandonedthisaccount

    Hey WordPress community! I just wanted to share my blog with you all. As you can tell from the title of this thread, that the blog and the URL that logic is scarce/in rendition. I firmly believe this because, if it isn't obvious, America is in distress. The very purpose of my blog is to raise the consciousness of everyone I can reach with this blog.

    I do continuously change the theme until I find one that works best. So if any if you have a great suggestion for a theme that would work best, that's free, for my blog, let me know! Thanks for viewing my blog and thanks for your feedback. :)

  2. abandonedthisaccount

    Really thought when it had my URL in that white box, it would show up. If it did or didn't, here it is:

  3. invisiblemikey

    Here's my opinion, Conrad. Even though I'm not your audience, I sincerely want everyone who blogs to have success in what they seek from blogging.

    Your site is straightforward, and easy to navigate. That's important for any blog. You never know whether prospective readers will drop by accidentally, have only a few minutes to look, or be there to spend time reading and thinking. That said, in my opinion your articles are too long for anyone not already obsessed with the topics to want to read. Your Ron Paul piece gave me carpal-tunnel just from the amount of scrolling required. That's going to limit your readership. However, perhaps you only wish to write for a select group.

    I had to think pretty hard about your statement that logic is "in rendition". I guess you meant to use the word rendition along the current lines of the war on terror (illogical euphemism) or military (archaic) use of the word. Since most of the time, for nearly all readers "rendition" means a performance or interpretation, you would actually be saying that logic is being performed, which I believe is the opposite of what you intended to say. Careful word choice is important, especially when you are trying to express yourself persuasively.

  4. abandonedthisaccount

    Thank you for your time on replying. My Ron Paul piece was long but however I did let everyone know it was going to be long. I try writing my blogs as opinion articles, which is why most of my blog entries are labeled "Opinion Article" at the beginning of entry. Because I'd like to use the blog feature to express my opinion through writing articles. But to be honest, sometimes it doesn't turn out to be much of an article, just generally my opinion. lol

    I use rendition in the Archaic definition. Which is "surrender". So really what I'm trying to say is "The Surrender of Today's Logic". Pretty much saying logic today is ancient, old, primitive and people treat it as such.

    And you are right, I am straightforward because anymore, screwing around without care tends to backfire on the ignorant.

    Again, I thank you for your considerate reply. :)

  5. abandonedthisaccount

    bump :)

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