The right column (Kubrick) of my blog is missing.

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    The right column in my Kubrick (aka ‘basic’) theme is altogether gone. I had a look in the forums and I see no instances of a blogger’s simply losing the column for no reason. The closest to my problem I saw was where someone somehow found all their active widgets moved to the inactive widget box. I haven’t played with mine at all. They are all where they are supposed to be, according to my dashboard info, and there are no widgets in my inactive widget box.

    I’m stumped. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is



    Wow! That’s broken for sure, for sure. It’s not only a missing sidebar the whole layout seems to be affected. You need Staff help


    There’s actually a help page about just this type of problem:

    We can also help you directly in support with these types of things. :)



    Now I’m really worried. I thought you were going to tell me “It’s nothing. You just click this…” ;-)

    Really though, Thanks. I’m going to check designsimply’s link/info. I’ll escalate to timethief’s suggestion, which it sounds like I’ll have to do.



    @arrby Fixed. There was an extra div tag in the HTML in the post titled “How About ‘Protest’? Can We Do That?” Removing the extra tag fixed the problem.



    This is so bizarre. Gosh WordPress is fun!

    As soon as I read about the most common piece of problematic code including ‘div’ (my enclosing marks), I thought Aha! I happened to notice that when I was first doing one of my recent posts and so I deleted it. Was there more than one perhaps?

    I can’t be sure which post that was. The reason is that, as I was checking each post, per the instructions (at the page designsimply linked to), my right column suddenly appeared! I didn’t do anything! So I can’t even be sure which post was the offending one.

    But I’ll have an idea what to do next time this problem occurs. (Actually, I can’t believe that the problem’s gone. I don’t know how it could just disappear. So I’ll probably be back here.)

    Thanks again folks.


    @arrby: The problem is gone because there was nothing wrong with your sidebar itself. A wrong html tag in a post will affect the rest of the main page; when the problem post is corrected (or removed), the blog is back to normal.

    To make sure this problem won’t crop up again, go to Settings>Writing, tick the option “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically”, click Save Changes.



    Awesome! Thanks pana!



    And thanks to everyone else here who offered support, moral and otherwise. Later…

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