the right way to expose comment spammers?

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    iam doing a post on sites that spread comment spam. so that others can be aware of these sites and also add the url’s that are criminals.

    i am aware that if we write the url the usual way, as in it will actually help the url’s get better known.

    so i am doing it in this way instead:

    www dot example dot com

    -do you think it is the right way?
    -if not, what is the right way of doing it?


    I usually put something around the symbol words, like this:

    www [dot] example [dot] com

    That way it’s a little more apparent where the symbols are. But, you do have the general idea. :-)



    Not a bad idea. Still best to have them reported with Akismet as a spam comment for sure so that it automatically catches them.



    Definitely do that. It helps it learn and block it from appearing all across the system.



    Stop Comment Spam and Trackback Spam « Akismet


    I have an idea, shomoshor: If you want to make a “blacklist” rant entry, you should do one on sploggers and general copyright violators. IMO, they are worse than comment spammers as commenters aren’t stealing your content, and spam can be caught and dumped. Content pirates are worse than hackers to me. I plan on making an entry because we have the same problem on Flickr. But.. I’m working on other stuff right now.



    Great idea!
    @ shomoshor
    Go for it!



    What do you suggest we do with bloggers who leave comment spam? I’ve had one leave a comment twice on two different posts, just some weird saying and a link at the end to his blog. I put them in Akismet spam, because he is doing a classic spam technique. Do I owe this loser an email explaining why?



    You owe this spoiler nothing but I certainly would take note of his username and blog url and share it by email with your blogging friends. In the event that he does it again, then maybe you should even consider doing a little blog post on his behaviour, in a way that does not result in sending his blog any hits.



    It’s possible he’s just being a noob, but even so it’s out of line. Maybe he’ll see it here and think things over.
    Address munged in accordance with the above.

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