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The Rule of Samantha

  1. I've written three blog posts on my blog so far, and I would like to see how people enjoy them. I could use some feedback! :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. 3rd blog post, A Journey After A Journey. About the Ponies and the Horses. More like a Gothic fantasy.

  3. 4th blog posted; starring Makelsie, sitting in her room while it's cloudy outside. Soon the 5th post will be posted.

  4. Adding new blog post, Falbridge Point, A Journey, and adding new page, Locations. Then going to be updating page The Realm.

  5. Successfully updated the pages, The Realm and it's child page, Locations. Soon the new blog post will be put up.

  6. plasticdaffodils

    Ha, I'm so flattered to be your inspiration!

    And yes, drawing things on a computer takes a lot of practice and I'm in awe of people who are really good at it (if it makes you feel better, look at the evolution of my cartoons, they get gradually better and better (well, at least I think so)). I also have a few links to other cartoon bloggers on my blogroll. Just find your style and everything will roll out from there.

    I look forward to hearing more about Samantha, good luck!

  7. Thankies for the encouragement!

    Makelsie and Samantha are having arguments right now about what Makelsie's next journey will be. Makelsie wants to go into The Realms itself, but Samantha is trying to hold off on that. So I don't know what they want right now.

    Though, I'll admit, as soon as I joined WordPress your blog was featured and I clicked on it. The "Writer's Block" post caught my eye and I read it. I could relate to it so I started cracking up laughing. And from then on I decided I would try my hand at computer drawing.

    I'll keep you updated on my progress!

    -Gia, Claudia, Samantha and Samantha's pet, Makelsie thank you. :)

  8. Posted new blog post, Makelsie And Elsie, Aunt And Niece. Look forward to more posts.

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