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The rules for hijacking threads

  1. It seems there is an unwritten set of rules that we need to clarify here. How to hijack threads properly. Changing the subject of a thread is considered hijacking it yes? So why is it that some are OK and others are not......we need some clarity so we can ALL hijack properly, and avoid the accusation of an improper hijacker.

    From my observations I've found two rules that make it OK, and one that makes it wrong. We need to set these rules out in another sticky that nobody will we can point imperiously and say "well, it was pointed out, didn't you read the sticky?" as we sneer at the offenders.


    1. A group hijack where people all gang up like kids in the playground to destroy something and have the anonymity of a group action to avoid blame and the sanctuary of peer pressure.
    2. Where it's not in a "support" section.

    Not Allowed:

    1. In a "support" section.
    2. By one person (whether the subtopic is related or not).

    Two examples, judge for yourself.

    1. Club Penguin - INTENTIONALLY hijacked and destroyed by respected forum members."
    2. AdSense - One (of LOTS) which seem to have offended some.

    I seek to clarify this in it's own thread, as it feels that without clarification some of us may hijack improperly and be accused of not obeying the rules. It also allows us to figure out the rules we are all expected to obey.

    Feel free to hijack this thread, although doing so improperly may result in a telling off from someone who knows the proper form for hijacking. I've decided to start this thread in the "off-topic" section which unless I got that confused, is one of the "allowed" sections.

    It may be that there is a hidden option in the dashboard which must be ticked to be included in the list of people allowed to hijack, I've not seen it......but then if there's an "in" crowd the knowledge of that option will be imparted when they invite you to officially become one of them.

    There may be a form you fill in, requesting to be part of an allowed list. It may be a paid extra like so many things here. Please help us clarify the rules on hijacking threads, we all need the guidance to avoid the wrath of the big kahuna.

  2. Why don't we just do this as I gotta admit I'm getting annoyed with it as well.

    No more thread hijacking. Period.

    Put it right beside the "Let the moderators handle the moderation of the forums" rule.

    Gotta admit that some of the folks coming down on the new users and just complaining all the time isn't helping the situation either. You're a part of that dirk as well.

    And the club penguin thread is no longer.

  3. Works for me.

  4. I am aware I'm part of it, I am not hypocritical enough to assume innocence and slam others for behavior I do. I was kinda outraged at the (intentional) Club Penguin thread, then being chastised for the same (unintentional) behavior.

    What rubbed salt in the wounds was the range of people responsible for destroying the Club Penguin thread are the same as those who complain about that type of behavior elsewhere......not just "members" which kinda gave it the official sanction, since those with deletion powers chose to turn a blind eye....and contribute to the destruction if my memory serves right.

    I agree with their basic point. "The forums are not the place for that thread, it should be on someones blog." But to intentionally destroy it? The moderators should have deleted that thread before it got to page two, let alone page seven.

    People who I have every respect for in these forums decided as a pack, that they'd destroy something because it was in the wrong place and the moderators wouldn't do the responsible thing and sort it themselves.

    I started this as a "let's see who sticks their head above the parapet to protest, knowing they have taken part in the Club Penguin attack" experiment.

    "I have lot's to say about Club Penguin" - Really? I made ONE comment on that thread AFTER it was trashed, and ONE comment in another thread on AdSense...about how judgmental some were in here. I guess TWO comments counts as "lots". I've also started a thread for this subject, and welcome if it gets seems that most want to stay silent to avoid the "hypocrite" tag.

    So, is this official policy then? "No more thread hijacking". What classifies as a hijack? How is it going to be enforced? If this is now policy, then I guess the moderators will have to go through every thread and delete the hijacked content from every contributer.....regardless of who they are. Is there like a "six degrees of separation" from the original topic?

    Much of it is a venting of steam via humor of the fact that we answer the same stuff over and over and over again, with no sign that respect that time and effort.

    At this point I could say "oops, I hijacked it onto forum redesign" there.....but I won't. Imagine the forums if hardly any questions came through because people found answers without having to ask a question.....and the questions that came through were ones not thought of before. Imagine the innovation that could take place.

  5. OT: I adore the Page Down key.

  6. Why did it take this thread to trigger the deletion of the Club Penguin thread? It only lasted over 200 postings spread over 7 pages......I'm sure it'll be chalked up as "coincidental timing"......right? Or could this be action taken belatedly WELL after the fact?

  7. Bunnies. Does anyone have any resources for raising dutch dwarf rabbits? And ketchup: what's with that?

  8. dirk, has it occurred to you that your oft-stated intention to leave because you find it wholly inadequate, together with your loquacity and the law of supply and demand, may render your contributions to the forum increasingly ignorable as time goes by?

    Given that you are on record as not being committed to the WordPress community, I cannot take your suggestions with any degree of seriousness.

  9. ... sigh ...

  10. drmike wrote:

    No more thread hijacking. Period.

    Put it right beside the "Let the moderators handle the moderation of the forums" rule.

    I agree and that will be how we will proceed.


  11. I never had a problem with Club Penguins. Aren't they primarily 8-12 year-olds, so I read in a new article?

  12. A few more comments and not one defense of the destruction of the Club Penguin thread. The hypocrites aren't inventing crazy excuses for why their behavior was OK......they just choose not to mention it.

  13. The Club Penguin thread was as democratic a thread as you'll find anywhere. If the Club Penguiners had outnumbered/outtalked us on that thread, they'd have owned it.

  14. Nice try....completely made up, but nice try. Want to try another excuse? One that's halfway believable?

  15. dirk, I didn't delete the Penguin thread. I don't think it should have been deleted. I don't believe in deleting threads. But I really do believe you need to get a life.

  16. The last reply should read:

    New rule on the "allowed" side:

    3 - Competition of posts, if the balance tips by a pack attack.

    Assuming of course it was an excuse / reason then it should be factored into the rules.

    Raincoaster, you didn't delete it.....did you play a part in intentionally destroying it?

  17. dirk, I had fun in that thread. I didn't destroy it at all, nor was it my intention to.

    "Community-based conversations are dependent upon the will of the community." Why, yes. Duh.

    Off-topic here: once upon a time a fellow stood up from the dinner table and announced to his family, "I'm leaving you. You're not good enough for me. But I want you to sit still while I give you a long list of ways you can improve yourself, because God! You really need work."

    How long do you think they sat there and paid attention to him, dirk?

  18. Of course you (along with others) had fun in that thread.....your (collective) fun was in hijacking and destroying it. You can wrap it up with any excuse you does not change what it was.

    It seems that some don't like seeing their actions in the mirror, because they don't like what it shows. As I've said before, there are many people who participate in these forums offering great advice to others an lots of subjects.....I respect them for that (including you) but some actions leave a lot to be desired.

    So far I've spotted a narrow minded, unimaginative, judgmental group of hypocrites who don't like their flaws being challenged to hopefully help them improve......and those are the ones I respect.

    I know nobody is going to admit what they've done as hypocrisy.....the silence speaks volumes. I never expected anyone to own up, but I was curious to see if it jolted anyone into thinking "hmm, maybe he has a point (albeit made in an abrasive way)......maybe I'll need to think about that for the future". Since most of the regulars I see here all took part in the Club Penguin thread, I didn't expect this one to get much attention.

    It's easier just to dismiss the speaker than the words when the words may force you to examine yourself and your own behavior huh?

  19. dirk, you don't have a point. You just have a word count; let that be your legacy and consolation.

  20. I clearly over-estimated you, for that I apologize.

  21. The #1 rule of blogging is "conduct your flamewars on your blog; it's great for hits."

  22. Know what makes me laugh? Dirk has managed to hijack his own thread!

  23. @cornell
    You caught that too, eh. Isn't it hilarious? *rotflmao*
    He seems poised to stage a forum flamewar with his "self" before he blogs off into the blogspot sunset. If it wasn't so freaking funny it would be pathetic.

  24. I did welcome this thread to be far as flaming is concerned, most of my references to "you" have been a collective not a personal "you". The way the conversation has developed in only one person willing to respond made it seem more personal.

    On the bigger picture, my presence here is pointless so I'll take this opportunity to bow out, and leave you to your fun.

  25. We star the betting pool NOW: who'll lay the first bet?

    I will bet a badly Photoshopped custom header that he'll be posting again within 36 hours.

  26. IMO he ain't going to wait that long. I wager a stuffed penguin that he'll be posting to the forum, rather than to his blog, within the next 30 hours.

  27. Not worth it folks. Lets just move on...

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