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The same post are driving traffic to my blog

  1. flowergardengirl

    I've been doing some evaluating....I'm getting a lot of traffic to the same the post. You'll laugh...Well, it's about porch ceilings and the recent article I wrote about woolly worms and predicting the weather. Both are a total surprise to me. The trend is consistent though and other post like them have repeated in my blog history and the views are growing over time.

    I've been driving traffic to my blog by visiting other blogs and leaving comments which is very time consuming when my real talents and abilities lie in research and interviews. Like this week I'm interviewing a local artist and showcasing some of work. Since the research articles are getting more hits from google searches---I've decided to stop visiting as many blogs and turn my efforts towards writing better articles and key in on my photography skills.

    If I do that....I'm gonna have to make a big decision about an upgrade on my blog. I have a Mac and a blog do I move to the .org site or do I upgrade the space at .com to fit the media I'm getting ready to upload?

    Or, do I publish from Iweb through an FTP to bluehost which is my provider for . There are a lot of things I like about I web but there are a lot of limits in design too.

    What do some of you web designers think.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I agree the decision is massive, I have just bought some hosting and a domain. (not a blog, and I'm not spamming)

    I still have my blog active but I'm finding the transition quite long, whislt simple when transferring the data.

    If you want any help let me know.

  3. flowergardengirl

    Thank you. I love wordpress with all the tags, support, themes, forum help. Not sure I want to give up the pacifier. I'm over at but my blog here at is huge. It will not transfer all on one fell swoop. Gonna have to pick and choose. I like the fact that will let you back out of plugins it not be a coding nightmare. I'm pretty sure I will not shut down my site cause too many people google search it. What I'll most likely do it is.....thinking out loud here.....hmmmm.....stay with wordpress and tweak a .org theme. They just make it so easy. But this forum rocks so much better than the .org forum. So hard to leave these folks.

  4. pornstarbabylon

    What would be your main motivation to moving to .org? Is it to have more control over design or to run ads? If it's to have more control over design and run javascript, many visitors don't care what a blog looks like. They just either want to be entertained or get information. By looking at your blog, you have a lot of colorful pictures. Those pictures are the draw in my opinion. One picture can speak volumes and would be the highlight of that day's posts. You don't need a fancy background and blinking gifs to have a hit blog. The content is what's important.

    If you move to .org, you do give up the global tag page which brings lots of traffic to many blogs. That traffic from the global tag page can substitute the traffic you get from visiting other blogs. So I would say stay here and concentrate on updating your blog with more content and those interviews. The content will bring traffic from search engines.

    But if your main motivation is making money and run ads, well then move to .org. I would self host if I knew how. Seems very confusing when I read the .org forum. I wouldn't even deal with plugins or a fancy design. If I could have the same exact blog I have now but self host, I would self host. But I fear being attacked and the site crashing and not knowing what to do. I've also heard of how rival blogs I know have purposely sabotaged other people's websites. And as widely hated as I am, if I started to self host and be out there on my own dealing with all the techie problems, whose website do you think will be up for taking down???

    But I'm also waiting till I get a bit more steady traffic before thinking about moving.

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