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  1. Hello folks, I'd like to tell you all about a community that has just recently been started. It's a blog that is about creative writing, with a forum attached to it that caters to a community of writers. The purpose of The Scribe's Guild is to have a place where both novice and advanced skill level writers can come together and do something they enjoy - write. It can be anything from a short story, poetry, or even fanfic.

    How the blog works is that there are a few "Staff Members" who have access to post on the blog. We then have forums. People who read the blog and who want to submit creative writing can post their material on the forum. If the staff deems that it is of a decent quality, and work has been put into it, we will post it on the blog. Once you have at least 1 piece of writing up on the blog, you will be considered a "Scribe's Guild Member"

    Check it out here:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Love your use of the forum. That is a great tool. Good luck!

  3. Thank you sir!

  4. wordsdivinelywrought

    @ thesketchit,

    Methinks the "sir" is a "madam." (-;

  5. I stand corrected. I apologize, madam.

  6. We're still looking for more writers to join our little community!

  7. Are you folks telling me that there isn't anyone out there who doesn't like to write creatively? This is a site for bloggers! Don't be shy, folks, go ahead and check us out!

  8. A shameless bump for a community of creative writers!

  9. Bumpy!

  10. Actually, your Link, is not activated...for a bumpy...but, I will visit your site via the link in the first post...i've been there before, and I like what I saw...and I think maybe this time,I'll actually post something.

  11. I would like to submit something, or link up our blogs together. I am willing to write something for your blog.

    check out my website

    And thanks Paul, for visiting my site, your words meant alot.

  12. Oh, hey, Yeah, I enjoyed the poems, and videos on your site oddball, and I 'll be back around

  13. Feel free to join our community, manthestorm :D We'd love for you to share some of your writing.

  14. Are you ignoring me?

  15. How do you get away with a Forum attached by the way?

  16. bump

  17. 1personofdifference

    the sketchit It would really be helpful if you went to one of the help threads and learned how to link your user name. If you'll notice everyone has a linklike user name. That way a person can just click on your name. It makes it much easier to find your blog.
    it helps to increase traffic too because some aren't interested in hunting around.

  18. Bump

  19. Let me know when your site opens back up for business. With all those "Staff Members" you would think there would be at least one, who works weekends...LOL

  20. Cool! I'm a big fan of writing communities. Used to be a member of, and I do NaNowrimo every year.

    I just started my own writing blog: a weekly serialized steampunk/fantasy story. I'm not sure if it really fits into The Scribe's Guild, since it's posted on a separate site already, but here's a link if you're interested:

    Gonna go take a look your guild's stories now!

  21. I'm really hesitant of writing communities. I'm always terrified someone is going to say that my work is there's or steal it. It's happened before. I already have a site up, but i will go look at this. Sounds pretty interesting.

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