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  1. 1) My acne description was so isn't even funny. That I posted yesterday.
    2) The weight loss blog was so freaking hilarious about the crap and cramps. I was ROTFL from that one guy.
    3) When people post, follow me and I will follow you back...I want to laugh.
    4) When people ask for feedback - they will get it..
    5) Begging never works for me
    6) How the Heck did that lady get 372 followers with one post. That "slice of life chick." So wierd!
    7) Hate it when spammers put stuff in the showcase
    8) Why do I do so many bulleted lists? I am the freaking bulleted list queen. Almost all of my post have a bulleted list or a numbered list!
    9) Some of the stuff I read in the showcase is so hilarious! Especially the comments on that one dudes blog about losing the weight! HA HA HA HA LOL

    The blog I need help with is


    This on the showcase was so funny. I could not stop laughing!!! That blog was hilarious! Mikey's comments were so funny.


    How in the H*ll did Blaine Cindy get 372 followers? WTH? Look at the showcase discussion and her blog above.

    One post 372 followers? WTH?


    Look at this on the showcase. I had an entire conversation with myself on the Showcase.

    This is the most freaking dumbest description I have ever posted on the Showcase. WTH was I thinking? and then I had a whole conversation about it with myself!


  5. Dare I say "Writer's Block" HA HA HA Still laughing Mikey....Still laughing at your comments and myself....I can't stop giggling...

  6. I am sorry that blog about the crap, cramps and weight loss is making me laugh so hard I am about to pee my pants and I can't stop laughing!


    Oh my gosh, the blog above is the funniest thing I have ever read! I am laughing so hard I have tears rolling down my face!

    Good Job Ron...Thank you for making me laugh.

    I needed a good laugh and yes I am having another conversation with myself on the Showcase.'s wierd yea...still can't stop laughing...

  8. @lizfruitberry. Are you drunk? I can't believe you found these blogs *that* funny. Get a grip.

  9. Liz, you're not exactly elevating the forum with posts like this. Also, could you please not post all of your titles in all capital letters? It's rather unnecessary.

  10. Oh sorry, No I didn't think the blogs were that funny. I thought the comments about the blogs were hilarious, and my stupid descriptions were hilarious. Ok, no more caps I promise.

    I was in a giggly mood. All of the comments about Ron's blog made me start giggling. The comments were funny.

  11. Why is everyone always so serious?

  12. @lizfruitberry
    You are spamming this forum which has very few spaces for blog promotion in the front page of it. Stop it! If you feel you have enough time on your hands to post this nonsense and drive other posts of this forum'd front page then I suggest you find a chat forum or register with Faceplant.

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