the sidebar goes under the blog in bottom

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    Hello every one
    the sidebar in all themes almost goes under the blog in bottom in the index page
    but in the single topic pages it shows in its place in the side


    I just had this happen for the first time to my blog as well. My blog (at is relatively new and is doing precisely the same thing. What concerns me is that it had never done this until after the site was down for a while last night. No changes have been made in the blog design or the sidebar. I though the side bar simply disappeared — until I scrolled all the way down to the bottom of the page and discovered it there. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.



    By the way, I had my blog set to show 10 posts at a time. Just to check if there was a problem with any particular post, I changed the setting to one post per page. Scrolled through each post, and the problem existed on each and every one of them, including all of the posts where the sidebar was positioned just fine before last night. Also, there are no pictures in my post, so the size of pictures couldn’t be the problem.



    I don’t understand? What do you mean by index page? I went to your blog to see the problem, and it looks fine as you stated that it already does on the main page. But I can’t find any index page to see what you’re talking about.


    In my case, I didn’t say anything about an index page. It was on my main page. However, I’ve discovered the source of the problem. Apparently my RSS feed became too wide for the normal side bar, and thus forced the side bar to the bottom. I’ve fixed the problem temporarily simply by emilinating the RSS widget, but now I have to figure out what made this happed all of a sudden, and how to get it to work properly again.


    I got confused when I saw the link to blog as I thought you were the one who posted this thread.



    If you search the forums (yeah – I know things are wonky right now) you’ll discover that the normal causes of the sidebar moving to the bottom are images too large for your theme or that you have an open tag in a post (usually caused by copying and pasting from Word). To find the offending post, set your blog to display only one post at a time. Once you have identified the offending post, edit it and clean it up.



    thank you all for sharing but this problem is taking too much time and stress to solve especially with the number of posts in my blog i searched here i found some answers referring the problem to the big size images so i deleted them then some other talking about coping a post from outside and pasting it so i went to the posts one by one and deleted the formatting still the main page is a mess and some other pages too
    i share this so some blogs with small no of posts could find solution
    but still waiting for a solution
    i also changed the language of the blog still the same situation then returned it back



    as to index page = main page

    i tried to display single post and flipped all pages none of the pages were missed up
    all sidebar was in place in the side



    i changed the setting to display 20 posts in each page when i viewed the blog after i thought i am in some body else ‘s blog every thing is fine
    thank you all
    i hope this post to helpful for whoever has such a problem


    Glad you got it figured out!


    I really want my sidebar at the bottom. How can I do this on purpose?



    Pick a theme that does that: several of them do, and they look snazzy.



    I am not sure if anyone is still monitoring this string. I am having the same probem with my sidebar going to the bottom of the page. My blog is I have tried some of the solutions mentioned in this forum and in the FAQ including checking pictures for being too large and ensuring that there are no open tags by clicking the “Close Tags” button. Nothing seems to work I have not pasted anything from Word in a long time and this probem only surfaced in the last couple days. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



    Looks fine from here – firefox3 on mac.



    Do the cookie-dance. Make sure you have the latest updates for browser. Use another browser to see if it is the same. What browser do you use?



    I normally use Explorer, but had Firefox on my desktop and tried that. In Firefox, my page looks correct and the sidebar is where it should be, but not in Explorer. Perhaps I need to update my Explorer. Very strange.



    @srj84 – If you’re using IE6 you certainly want to upgrade to 7. IE6 doesn’t play well with WordPress. I have no problems with 7.



    For anyone with sidebar issues (i.e. it appears at the bottom of your posts), please see the following FAQ article to help sort it out:



    Not sure if this will solve similar problems others are having, but I took the suggestion of ellaella and downloaded Internet Explorer 7.0 and problem solved. Not sure why IE6 suddenly created this problem. Gave me a good excuse to try 7.0 and I like it!!

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