The sidebar in my Blog has been displaced

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    Hello everyone, misterious problem here. My sidebar has disappeared from the side of the blog, instead it appears on the bottom of the blog, leaving a bad looking hole in its place and giving the entire blog a messed-up look when opeople scroll it to the bottom.
    If you go into any page the layout looks ok. It only happens in the main page. Why is that? Can it be fixed please? I use the ChaoticSoul by Bryan Veloso theme. Here’s my website:
    Any help will be greatly appreciated.



    It’s a common problem. I did a search for “sidebar” and found a couple of threads with suggestions:

    It’s funny: I know there are a lot more threads like this out there, because I’ve answered at least three of them in the past 24 hours, but the search doesn’t bring them up.


    Wow thank you I solved it. The problem was infact caused by a divtag. I had to check a lot of them to understand what the problem was and in the beginning I thought it was because of the pictures… well, whatever. I didn’t find anyting searching the forum anyway. Thanks for answering!



    my sidebar’s appearing at the bottom too; I haven’t changed anything about my blog, but it randomly happened any hour ago…

    here is my site:

    Anything I can do to fix it?



    romi, your sidebar looks ok with FireFox.


    I confirm, it looks OK.



    Ah…it must be I.E. then…funny that’s never happened before when I view it at work..oh well, maybe that’s a sign that I should just get back to work, LOL..

    Thanks for letting me know! :-)



    Mine looks wonky though. Same problem in both firefox and IE. Have searched and searched for open tags, have cleaned and closed tags on all recent posts and still having the problem. HELP!


    Look at my response in the other thread you posted in:



    I have just fixed it. Looks like a missing <div> caused it. Sorry for the trouble.


    Not a problem. The main thing is that you found the problem and are back up and running.

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