the sticky post has vanished from the blog

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    I made a sticky post – it appeared OK. Now it’s disappeared.

    I’ve rebooted WordPress, refreshed the post and the blog. I’ve double checked the settings – it’s ‘sticky’ and available for anyone to view.

    The post is called ‘iNation Promotional Video’. It’s shown on the sidebar but it doesn’t appear on the blog.

    It’s my ‘front window’ – help!

    The blog I need help with is



    I can see that post on your homepage, screenshot:

    Are you still having trouble with this or are you all set?



    Thanks for the reply.
    I fixed it by deleting the ‘front page’. The question now is – where the hell was the front page?



    I don’t see a record of deleted pages on your blog. Do you mean you deleted a blog post? (I can see several deleted posts.)

    Does the blog look now the way you wanted it to look? It sounds like you were trying to set a static front page. We have a support article on how to do it here:

    Please do let me know if you need any further assistance.



    When I pinned the blog it disappeared and when unpinned it reappeared. I looked through the settings and found there was a ‘front page’ so i unclicked it and the blog appeared again.

    But i could never see a front page. Don’t know where it is.

    I looked at your link and with time I could sort it out – but do i want people to have to navigate through a front page to see my blog?

    I have another blog that was set up just to showcase my book but I can’t get the formatting to work as per the example shown on the format page (Hero Theme). That would be the one that needs a static front page with links to other pages.

    From my view – formatting the themes is enormously difficult. As for using advanced tricks to ‘get the blog exactly as you want’ is impossible for non-geeks. Even the terminology defeats me.

    I suspect that the site could make a lot more money if people knew what to do – I’m not price sensitive for a start.
    The Hero Theme showed a large picture at the top then 3 columns below it – I wanted to have a main picture then 3 columns under with pictures and tex below. I spent (say) 6 hours trying to do that but it goes in a loop where you are directed back to instructions, then the dashboard. It was a frustrating 6 hours with nothing to show for it.
    I want to put that page’s URL on a business card but I can’t do it until it works.

    I reckon there’s lots of people the same as me.I hope this is useful feedback by an actual user of the site who needs it to work.



    The video on the home page now seems to be showing properly for you. I see that you’ve set the post type to “Video” and then made it sticky, as described in the Sundance instructions:

    So that seems to be working fine for you — can I help with anything else regarding the Sundance theme? I am still curious where you were setting the front page — was it under Settings > Reading, or somewhere else? As for making a static front page, that’s entirely your call. Some people want a blog with regularly updated content, while others prefer to have static pages (more of a website than a blog).

    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. I’m going to take a look at your Hero question and see if I can help.



    And here are some tips for your Hero blog in case you don’t see my reply on the other thread:

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