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The story behind your blog

  1. What's the story behind your blog?

    I had an ongoing blog (on LiveJournal) since high school. It was really just a way for me to unwind after days of silly teenage gossip and hours of mind numbing school. That blog went on to live a happy life of 7 years. Yep I somehow managed to continue blogging about my life for 7 long happy and sometimes sad years. So no I'm 21. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. My life is changing drastically right now. So I started a brand new blog. Mostly as a way for me to figure things out but also as a way for me to get my emotions out (because I tend to bottle them up). I admit it's not the most interesting blog on earth....but who said I was blogging to entertain others...mostly it's for me.

    Tell me your story.

  2. Hi Erica ,

    I am a 64 yr old american expat currently living in the Philippines . I am married to a Filipino woman and have 4 step-children ranging in age from 13 - 23 . I had never blogged before despite my age and having worked within the field of circuit-board manufacturing while in the US .

    I started my blog primarily because i now have time to do one but also because a series of events occurred within my life that led me into blogging . We rent a large two-story hone with 4 bedrooms and with one child on his own and two others away in college have additional space to offer guests and visitors .

    When young i was an avid " budget " traveler and interested in the concept of homestay . The Universe has a way of opening doors in my experience and that is essentially what happened to our family in regards to my blog since the theme is about homestay in the Philippines and what it's like to live within the Philippine culture .

    My bog is currently using Word Press.orgs application as i have a stand alone host . I am strongly considering shifting my blogs presence to however as i am not a person particulary interested in fiddling with html . :-) And though i do have Google Ads that was not the primary purpose of my blog to begin with .

    Since i am new here i am reluctant to link my url until i know the forum rules but would love to check out your blog as well .

    Good Luck


  3. I apologize for any confusion regarding the post immediately above as i made the post while in my wife's account instead of my own . In other words , i am a man married to a woman , not a woman married to a woman . :-)

  4. Hello daisycline, this link will be helpful for you... :)

    How to make your name link to your blog

  5. I wanted to make a blog based off of adult content to see if sex indeed does sell.
    Guss what, I got 800 views by the fourth post. I did not think that a blog with little to no posts could bring in that much traffic. I guess sex does sell!

  6. I was awkaned one evening from a 5,000 year slubmer by the chanting of a gnostic priestess. She beckoned me to return from the land of Malakai.

    I put down my frothing brew, grabbed my trusty battle axe, and mounted my swiftest steed.

    Somewhere along the way I got involved with horse racing.

  7. i write. therefore i blog.

  8. I want to be a writer because I think my perspective is unique because I am youthful and honest and can relate movies and news stuff to people of my generation.

  9. I like to write but I lack discipline. So I'm hoping this will be motivation to continue and to improve. Early on I was told that I should follow through with it and I'm trying to make good on that now (whatever the outcome).

  10. I am slowly and systematically entering the exact transcripts from the Kennedy assassination from 1963. These documents are the uncensored originals not seen for over 40 years and only now are the facts seeing the light of day.

    Giant alien sightings also......

  11. I'm on a mission just to speak my mind and get my ideas out there, having people listen and respond with ideas of their own, after being ostracized consistently for my political beliefs or just having political beliefs where I live. I love writing too, so my blog serves to improve my writing's clarity and structure. Mainly though, I have a love for exchanging ideas with anyone, so that's why I started my blog and constantly comment on other's blogs.

  12. davidjameslevy2110

    I was proper mental, and now i'm not - turns out i'm a pretty nice guy.

  13. just wanted my own space after reading so many of other people's blogs. turns out you can make friends with it too, how unexpected! :)

  14. I have issues.

  15. richardpetersphotography

    For me its all very new. I have my own photography website but it realy is just a show case for my photos - I didn't want it to be cluttered with anything else. Then the other day by complete chance I was googling something and came across a blog on here and a light bulb went off in my head - I could sue the blog to do all the things I'd wanted to for ages but without cluttering up my website! Perfect. The best bit, one of the themes uses the main colour scheme of my website so they fit together nicely :)

    Its only been up and running for a couple of days but I'm already finding myself getting addicted and am making plans for future content.

    Looking foward to being part of this community :)

  16. The story behind my current WordPress blog actually can be traced by to the Sohu blog. In whole, Scope's started in Sohu, China. It was at the suggestion of a celebrity in China, and then the blog got many celebrities visiting, commenting and it was buzz with plenty of fans drawn in as well. That was the time when Sohu first started the celebrities' blogging, and I decided to make CGPs a unique point in Scope's. Which is why you people will see plenty of edited Scope's pictures in the blog which are 'eye-popping'.

    There is a purpose or meaning actually behind the CGPs' tradition which is probably lost by now.

    There are other traditions in Scope's, including the 'Notices' which are just rants to fill in the long dull time between anchor inputs, and to be deleted as and when at fancy. Behind Scope's blog were hence an army of producers, celebrities, fan clubs, government people and so on, which one can check the clues via the 5000 over strong comments in the Sohu site for that brief period.

    Of cos, the name of Scope's always change as and when at fancy as well.

    But it is at the frustration towards certain issues that I have decided to perhaps temporary withdraw from Sohu blogging, which is hence why you'd see Scope's in WordPress. It also signals a withdrawal from the Chinese entertainment circles significantly...

    Because now, in the face of technology capability to come next year, I am thinking of having my own entertainment circles... So I am creating one real soon.

    So Scope's blog has a colorful history as the person online is equally colorful.

    Which is further elaborating to what the page 'The Fantasy Of Scope' is directed at. The latest name 'Ministry of Cultural development' comes because... it's some sort of protest philosophically as Scope is residing in a cultural desert.

    Scope's actually a pretty professional site in a way. And hits is never an issue, has never been an issue due to the philosophy behind the blog and its objectives.


  17. well... like amandzing, valeriewriter, evchon and leapsecond... i write... so i wanted to have a place to do it more often.

    why do i write? i was with this girl and i wrote her some letters... she loved them... and i realized i wasnt that bad at all ^^ and that i liked to write. then she broke my heart. a few months after that i had this dream about her... and it was soooo real... i couldnt believe i was dreamin when i woke up... the thing is i wanted to preserve tha dream, so i wrote it exactly as i remembered it. then i wanted to make a story about it and so it began. now im readin more books... learnin from them while i read em... i went to some writin lessons... got more involved in writtin... more identified with it... more interested in it... always tryin to improve my writtin skills ^^

    so why am i here? why the blog? its her fault XD she was my muse.. she kinda still is

  18. Flavio, that's sooo romantic.

  19. well... i learned a lot with her about me... and i changed in some way... but theres is no happy ending... no goin back together... somewhere i heard that famous writers made their masterpieces after bein in love... seems like only after bein in love (not while being in love or while being with her) they could process all that and write something about it. and then i read this interview to a peruvian writer and she said: "to achieve something you got to risk something. its part of the game. you lose a friend but you win a boyfriend. or you lose a boyfriend but you win a book." quite interesting, huh?

    but yes.. she liked the first things i wrote and encouraged me to continue... so mainly its kinda her fault XD

  20. We are just two 18 and 19 year old girls that decided to make a blog for ourselves with our view on life and if people are interessted in the way we think they can read it.
    We don't really care about how much hits we got.. writing is great to express yourself sometimes.

  21. I listened to Richard Digance tell an utterly stupid story in a poem about Paul the crab who lived in Poole harbour, he thought it was Pearl harbour and was terrified that the Japs would come back-stupid but I laughed so much that I started writing myself

  22. Lainandtien,

    Good spirit. :)

  23. I like to write, so I started a blog here. I have one on livejournal but I hardly use it anymore. New emotional issues developed in my life due to a really close family member becoming terminally ill. I needed a way to deal with my feelings, and everything that was going.

    Thus, this blog was born.

  24. I am bipolar and at times my mind races. Sometimes emptying my mind of topics helps reduce how much my mind races. I try to keep my posts about individual topics, but my blog as a whole is not about a specific topic. Well, i guess it's about my life.

  25. I just needed to talk to someone about my interest in DC Comics. But no one around me likes reading them. I wanted to talk about it SO bad, it was almost like wanting to rant. It just kept building inside me.
    So I decided to kinda "talk" to myself on WordPress. Kinda psycho-like I guess xD

  26. I've always wanted to have a blog, but I'm not so deluded as to believe that people will actually want to read about my daily life, or that I will actually take the time to write about my life without getting bored of it (it's like reliving everything you just did... on a slow day, it's too much!). So instead, I decided that I would blog about things that I come across that I like or that interest me, and review products and such, because I'm the type of person who is always on the lookout for those types of helpful blogs. They make life easier. :)

  27. I created Ojrak the blog on one late-April-2008 day without knowing what or how to write for I was not designed for communication.

    Then I decided to write about my life. One post was published, then I deleted it. I felt sick reading about my own life.

    A couple of days later, Idea knocked me in the head and said, "why not write about your neighbors and neighborhood, Yella?'

    "and after a week I'd already be running out of story?' I said.

    "Then write about neighborhoods. Maybe about this ancient land, Java! Or Indonesia!' said Idea.

    I thought Idea's idea was worth a try. So I started blogging about Java, and the Javanese.

    And now, I also write about what the Javanese cannot live without: clean humor, and dirty jokes.

  28. I decided to write about the weird and interesting stuff that I encounter each day instead of just forgetting about it. I'm not a good writer, nor is it probably of much interest to anybody but myself. Maybe it's like an online notepad of material I could use had I'd been a comedian.

  29. Wow, all your reasons here make mine seem soo....crappy..

    Idk, Im in college, needed extra cash and so here I am... contemplating another blog dedicated to and life in general. You know, like some you just "unwind".

    flavio, I agree with yellaojrak...truly romantic...

  30. Knowledge is power; and our blog is about our ideas.

    We're also no good with summaries ;)

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