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The story behind your blog

  1. Narcissistic as I am, I just post random blurbs.

  2. shelovesbaseball

    I have insomnia and I also have the summer off, so why not? I was reading some other blogs on here and decided that I wanted my own. I think it'll be a great way to be open about things and get my feelings out. Just as someone above said, I tend to bottle up my feelings as well. So I'm not going to do that here. I just want to write about the things running through my mind. There's a lot of it.

  3. I need an outlet. Though the saga is far from over, I cannot contain this anymore. Very few people within my life's circle know what's going on. If they did, I fear the repercussions would be too great right now. Hopefully in two years time or so all will be out in the open. Til then, this is what I have chosen to do. Write about it....and no, no one I know outside the pc would ever stumble upon my blog. Even if they did, they would never put 2 and 2 together.

  4. I had been using the "Usual Suspects" the big sites and found them to be very corporate-licking oriented and couldn't say "A" is "A" even though they "Brand" themselves as a Blog. I felt there was something missing and no one was focusing on disruption around so, Then I can had a "Light Bulb Moment" to start a Blog which will talk about disruption and technology, with no bias. Provide users a healthy dose of news and not kill them with information overload. As Matt said be a Painkiller not a vitamin. This is my story

  5. There was no intention of starting a blog. It started with a forum. That forum started a "project" for a year—instead of buying endless new cookbooks we hardly use, we/they thought: let's cook through a book for a whole year. I decided to learn Japanese cooking. Participating in a forum is a lot of fun because people get to "know" each other, but when the year ended, there were still many many recipes for me to cook! That forum has such wide-ranging topics, it seemed sensible for me to start a blog about the Japanese cooking I was especially interested in. I'd intended to continue posting my experiences there, but blogging is time consuming. I still take part in that forum, but I've now heard from other people.

  6. I was laid off earlier this year, and that time off allowed me to find myself. I'm now employed, but am pushing myself to keep that feeling going of branching out to find my dream. The blog I started is a way to track the process of staring my new business with my mother offering pet accessories. Friends and family are able to keep in touch through the blog when I'm working day and night. I just started it this week, so we'll see where the blog and the business take me.

    I'm highly optimistic! :-)

  7. I like to pinch people and make them say ow

  8. Boredom and as everyone has mentioned. An outlet.

  9. I started my most recent blog( my profile blog) because i wanted to learn to write better. My grammar, which has never been a strong point for me, was fractured by the onset of Bipolar disorder in my late twenties. I also felt i had something to share, as a successful manager of mental illness, perspectives and a couple management tools.

  10. I created my blog because I wanted to rant and rave about politics and my personal life. It’s as simple as that.

  11. afreerangelife

    I started a blogging by accident really. I was a member of an on-line community and I found that I posted on things on threads that I really did not necessarily want people to comment on. I just wanted to get them out.

    Another member set up a blogging site so I joined that. After using that blog for about 8 months, I decided that I wanted a more general blog, that’s how I got here.

    Being dyslexic I have always shied away from writing, however I always wanted to be a writer!!! I find blogging very liberating, its great when people leave comments, but if they don’t, I am OK with that.

    If I am honest though, I do want people to look at my blog so I guess there is a slight ego that I want stroking.

  12. My story?

    I have WAAAAAAAYYYYYY too much time on my hands

  13. I started blogging to join the fad.I've tried, livejournal and multiply but i've stuck with wordpress since day 1.Now that blogging is not really much of a fad, i'm still blogging because of the alter ego in posts are generally nonsensical if you read them but they mean much to me.each post reminds me of how i was feeling and what i was doing at that point of time.i've tried to write in diaries but they don't even last me an entry. blogging helps me to keep it simple yet dear to me.

  14. wheretotakephotos

    Full time travel photographer.
    Supplying photos to visitors bureaus.
    Daily blog showing some of the more interesting photo opportunities available to anyone! (most up to date)

    Now someone email me & tell me how to get 5000 daily visitors, not just 50!

    regards, [email redacted]

  15. Well, I've been writing all my life.

    It's the one thing that came naturally for me. Although, I do get writers block just like everyone else. ;-)

    Through the years I've blogged on several different sites, but nothing for 'real' bloggers until wordpress. I'm glad I made the change over from xanga. It fulfilled my passion for writing, but wasnt a place for grown ups who strive to become the best.

    I also did some blogging on myspace; it wet my interest for feedback..
    but it's def. not a place for real writers.

    Please stop by and see my blog,

    I would love to see yours in return.

  16. I read domainer blogs. Shoot! I am a domainer. Sometimes when a blogger mentioned a domain sold, I would comment and suggest shorter or substitute names that no one owned yet. After a cease and desist email (because hey, not everyone likes freebies) I started my own blog to list unowned and available names I find – Sondra's Domain Brain.

  17. My blog title started as Thoughts from the Underground, meaning my thoughts were not the norm. Then I began thinking of people who talk but say nothing. Well, I feel I write and say a lot, hense the new blog title Words without Sound.

    Now, my link visitor queue came from a Takashi Miike film titled Visitor Q. Since Visitor Q was taken, I came up with queue, as in people in the queue waiting to speak to someone.

    The reason for my blog is to write about the one thing I love more than music, TV and "reality TV". I will be venturing into soap opera recaps on Monday, 8 September 2008. I will recap Y and R and Bold and Beautiful.

  18. i started blogging mainly to have a place to put my thoughts. I think its a lot easyer to work them out when you see it written down. I have also had a diary for most of my life, so it made sense to start blogging.

  19. I have a passion for people to learn more about the countryside and to understand how their food is produced.
    And as an insider [who has been in farming for generations, to understand this please see the blog] I can give the real story of rural life and unravel the truth behind many myths.

    Food security and provenance are becoming more important and more people everywhere want to know where there food comes from and how it is produced.

  20. I had no plans to start a blog. I had the intention of simply flipping the domain in a couple of years. (it is a dottv domain, which will no doubt appreciate, but dottv is still in it's infancy)

    But then I was thinking, why not put a fun blog up, something that people might actually like?

    Having dated several chefs I've turned into quite the foodie, and was born, a blog with chef recipes and videos. My goal with Savory is to make gourmet cooking less intimidating to people, and to show people how easy it is to make restaurant quality food at home. It was a slow go at first, very little traffic, I had no contacts, I made a few mistakes (ie copy paste!). I've been involved in some social networking among other food enthusiasts and chefs, and finally making connections! I've stopped the copy pasting and am adding short but original posts of my own. I've actually had some very well know celebrity chefs emailing me and asking me to place an article and video on the site

    It's been so fun, and I know now the domain will never be sold! Hopefully it will continue to grow, and in the meantime I am learning some very valuable cooking tips! :)

  21. Long, long (okay, not all that long) ago; in a server space far, far (okay, not all that far) away; a young blog set out to seek its fortune.

    It wandered far and wide for years, gathering ideas and bits of postings to various internet fora, until its disc of memories lay heavy (and very badly disorganized) on its back.

    Every wandering entity must seek its journey-name, and this one was oddly intrigued (it was rather an odd entity itself, and most of the things it did, it did a bit oddly) when it saw a story about the title of "The Grapes of Wrath" purportedly having being mistranslated as "The Angry Raisins." It found the idea of angry raisins pleasantly absurd, interestingly impossible to pigeonhole, and - best of all - not already in use everywhere it went. And thus our young blog was named.

    As Angry Raisins wandered the Internet's Superhighways, backroads, and overgrown woodland paths; it found that people were entertained by its odd analogies (like explaining radio signal in terms of rafts and ping-pong balls); its maundering musings on daily life; and even its occasional but impassioned Rants du Jour.

    Years passed, and one day our young blog knew it was time to settle down and make itself a home. Angry Raisins moved into a small tract-blogging page in suburban Live Journal, but had barely unpacked its first post before it realized it needed more room and less conformity.

    Then it found some free web space available in the big shiny office tower of its own ISP. But even as the staff were painting "Angry Raisins" on its new office door, AR was concluding that the ISP's web publisher had been designed as a highly non-competitive advertisement for all other web publishing software.

    Disconsolate, Angry Raisins wandered the littered sidewalks of the internet, wondering if it would ever find a suitable home.

    Somewhere amid the scurrying traffic and the drunken, raving banner ads, AR saw a friendly-looking website and wandered into Angry Raisins drifted through the galleries, marveling at all the pretty and versatile templates available for the downloading. But, again, alas - there was no way for it to host one in its bare-bones space at the ISP.

    Finally, stumbling out of's FAQ bar after one too many gin-and-widgets, AR found itself in the easy-to-use open spaces of Suddenly it was in a place with free-wheeling and versatile blogspaces, attractive and approachable templates, and quite a few very nice people.

    Angry Raisins signed up immediately; and, although it's still unpacking its pieces of prose and settling into its template, it's confident that it has finally found its home. :)

  22. Once upon a time, I decided to start blogging.




    Yep, that's all I've got.

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