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' The Super Fluid Universe ' , a conclusion from Cornell University' scientist +

  1. ' The Super Fluid Universe ' , a conclusion from Cornell University' scientist Grigory Volovik and from the Unifying Property of Nature ( UPN ) theory , two independent confirmations !

    Before we go any further please take a second to recall the present technology which allows water under a lot of pressure to cut through an inch or more of steel used in metal fabrication and recall also what will happened if you hit the water at over one thousand kilometres per ... second ... hence the power of a flimsy Fluid resides in Speed , as we'll see in the UPN .

    This paper submitted in 2010 uses Quantum principles to determine that the Universe is made of a SuperFluid , a conclusion that is far reaching for science because in one shot it states that All possible phenomenon that can occur in the Universe can be Only the type that can occur in a Fluid , hence we all are Waves , Vortexes and their Harmonics !

    To support this conclusion the Unifying Property of Nature , UPN , also demonstrates that the Universe is made of a SuperFluid but using only Logic Steps , no Quantum principles .

    Even though the two theories , Quantum Vs. UPN , are different like two trains on a collision course , it is remarkable to notice that both are using concepts that refer to ' emptiness ' , a ' quantum vacuum ' in Volovik's theory , while ' Nothingness ' was used in the UPN , similar but no cigar ! Why ?

    “ .... Vacuum is space that is empty of matter. “ ...

    The UPN shows a different way to understand Matter making the above definition invalid hence Questioning how the Quantum principles are forced into hinting at the SuperFluid ...

    Further pointing to the differences , I was stunned not to see in the Abstract ( not having access to the full article ) that the conclusion that we all are waves , vortexes and their harmonics is missing from the Cornell University article .
    It also didn't explained like the UPN does of how observed Matter gets created .

    But there is anothe Major difference between the two theories : the UPN explains and deducts Logically the Properties of this SuperFluid to the point that it goes to demonstrate how those properties produce Perpetual Motion at the micro-level within the SuperFluid representing the continious source of energy in the Universe that due to Harmonics can Spike and generate Spontaneous Vortexes as forms of energy and matter .
    This spontaneous yet very rare phenomenon I expect to be found by the new James Webb Deep Space telescope to be launched soon that should give the UPN even more credibility .

    Please take the chalange : read the UPN numbered Logic Steps and if you find an unfixable fault , please post it here together with your proof , Thank you !

    Untill than we can now rest assured that we all are Waves , Vortexes and their Harmonics , a deep realisation that opens tremendeous opportunities ! ( including how Universal Music must be , more precious than gold ) .

    For the record and as you can see it being Demonstrated in the UPN via the numbered Logic Steps , here are the top three properties of this SuperFluid , properties that to the best of my knowladge were not All demonstrated by Grigory Volovik's theory :

    - uncompressible

    - non-granular

    - extreme low viscosity

    ... guess which one promisses to make instant communications at Any distance possible !

    The Superfluid Universe

    by Grigory Volovik of Cornell University

    “ ... We discuss phenomenology of quantum vacuum ...

    The Standard Model vacuum both in its massless and massive states is topological medium. The vacuum in its massless state shares the properties of superfluid 3He-A, which is topological superfluid ...
    .... The small nonzero masses appear in the infrared region, where the quantum vacuum acquires the properties of another topological superfluid, 3He-B, and 3+1 topological insulators ...“ .

    ... and the UPN :

    See specie Solutions in the Action-Packed Ultimate Political Platform , The Recipe for a Nation : , future shocking !

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  2. Cool story sis.

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  4. jessielansdel on Jul 30, 2012, 4:27 PM said : I'm a teapot!

    Than you better have a chat with your photographer !

    Yet there is a relation between a teapot and the UPN :

  5. Erm, now why on Earth would I want to have a chat with my photographer pray tell?

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  7. I thank you all for posting here but , please , try to make at least one connection and comment to the thread Subject .

    Let me give you a small example :

    ... The UPN disproves that the SuperFluid has Zero viscosity and please take note : the proven spontaneous agitation that occurs naturally at the micro-level in the SF represents a Movement ( we call it energy ) .

    I labeled this movement the Fundamental Vortices ( Vortexes ) and they represent the Perpetual source of Movement ( energy ) in the Universe ( their harmonics lead to energy increases ) . All this is detailed and Proved in the numbered Logic Steps in the UPN so you can Troubleshoot them , there is no math and no formulas yet .

    Still more : the non-Zero viscosity ( yet ultra low ) of the SuperFluid means that all spinning matter , the Micro Vortices that represent sub-sub-sub particles - see UPN - will eventually ... slow down !! Hey , we Just found the MISSING matter , aka the Dark Matter !!

    You can not get read of the Fundamental Vortices , they are a fundamental property of the SF , they Ride any "signal" like Static does in electronics , including the ultra small Micro Vortices that represent the sub-sub-sub-particles ( see UPN text ) ...

    But the net effect of this SF micro-agitation ( the Fundamental Vortices ) is to interfeer with any other movement they encounter including electromagnetic vibrations such as Light to the effect to Slow it down : we just explained MUCH better the Red Shift !! Hence : NO expansion of the Universe !! And indeed , the UPN confirms this And proves that the Universe does not expand but from yet Another angle using Logic Steps ( see UPN text ) .

    A split second after you just read the above sentence did it click that it also Proves there was NO Big Bang ? :)

    Remember last week discovery of that Organized spiral galaxy so far away that it contradicted the Quantum theory ?
    Add the Red Shift explanation by UPN against the Quantum//Relativity theory .

    Another bonus from UPN : it shows that Space can't shrink nor expand ...

    And still one more little test for you : if the Fundamental Vortices ( the SF micro-agitation movement ) , as tiny as they are originally , are happening all around and fairly uniformly througthout the Universe , non-stop , what other phenomenon it explains ?

    A : the Cosmic Background Energy ( radiation or Temperature as aka ) of 2.72 Kelvin ! Neat , eh !

    Hang on , did you just deduced the CBE due to the perpetual Fundamenta Vortices ? Well done , you Also just proved and explained Why Absolute Zero temperature is impossible !!

    Now , That's what I call Science , it's like the Cash Cab , results on the go , no biggies to understand because Nature should be simple AND because the Universe is 100 % Logic hence Logic Alone can explain the Universe ... see the numbered Logic Steps in the UPN !

    Please help spread the findings of Volovik about our SuperFluid Universe , there are huge bonuses for the regular citizen ...

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