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The tag was not removed. You cannot remove a tag from a closed topic.

  1. is anyone able to remove oneself own tag?

    I'm seeing this error message when trying to do this, although topic is Open.

    is it just me or it's a common current issue?

  2. I just put up "test-tag" and even though this thread is not "closed" I cannot remove the tag. I got this response when I clicked the [x] and tried to delete it: "The tag was not removed. You cannot remove a tag from a closed topic."

    This has been going on now for about a week or so. I haven't reported it. Have you?

  3. I didn't even know you could do that. I'm going to tag everything I want to keep an eye on "monkey" so I can find it easier, k?


  4. "Submitted!"

  5. Good :)

  6. I wonder if anyone else besides two of us can remove their own tags?

  7. I used to be able to remove every one of my own tags until about a week ago. FWIW I use firefox almost always. Some time ago I remember bloggers who used IE6 saying they could not edit their forum posts so I don't know if they can remove their tags or not. I'm going to switch to IE and see what happens when I put up a tag on this thread and then try to delete it.

  8. this is not a browser related problem.

    you'd better try using another account (if you have any).

  9. Well that's interesting I can't even put up a tag using IE.
    This is what I got when I tried:
    (1) I could not type a tag into the box - no cursor.
    (2) I clicked "add" anyway and got - "The tag was not added. Either the tag name was invalid or the topic is closed."

    IHowever, I can edit ... weird ...

  10. I have noticed this and reported it earlier as well.

  11. cancel that ;)

  12. trent, have you been logged using a moderator account when you noticed it?

    there might be something weird with bbPress db have happened...

  13. Good question, options.
    I removed my previous inept inquiry along the same line. And in the meanwhile somegosoftly has added a "monkey" tag.

  14. ok, Mike is/just has been here, as we can see. now I'm not worried.

    hey, Mike would you tell me what does following nonce mean:

    'Are you sure you want to submit this post?'

  15. Say what?

  16. Mike knows what I was asking about.

    I wish you will never see that nonce message, specially right after you have submitted a long typed post -- after that message a post goes in the shadow land of bozoed posts queue and never see the light.

  17. now, after Michael *was* here yesterday, I wander if that an intentional 'feature' from now on or merely irrepairable in the current moment one?

  18. The software still will not let me remove the "test-tag" I put up yesterday.

  19. This is something of an insidious problem. We're working on it now, but it's related to several complicated bits here at

    Please bear with us, as it will take a bit of time to sort everything out.

  20. thank you very much, Michael, for informing us! that's basically all that those insidious users usually need ;-)

    > Please bear with us, as it will take a bit of time to sort everything out.

    oh, yes we do and always will. we were just curious (how to flush a cache).

  21. Regarding the tag problem: In the hood, all is now good.

    options, I've never seen that nonce error before, do you see it on other bbPress installs?

  22. hello Mike,

    thank you for struggling with this bug and keeping us informed -- I do appreciate it very much!

    good news -- tags can be removed now. I think you might also would like to know that 'tag-remove.php' doesn't redirect back to topic, instead it responds with an empty document:

    GET /tag-remove.php?tag=3362&... HTTP/1.1
    HTTP/1.1 200 OK
    Content-type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
    Content-Length: 0

    AJAX fade-away doesn't seem to be working in the moment as well.

    #re: "Are you sure you want to submit this post?"

    I saw this nonce a couple of times on this particular bbPress install about two months ago; supposedly, it was somehow related with the 'bozo' feature (which, as I assume, had been applied to this account for some time) since all those posts of mine welcomed by that nonce message were visible for some time to me only when I was logged in (a bit later on they've gone completely out of sight -- no regrets, just been amused).

  23. w00t! I removed "test tag".
    YAY! It's fixed.
    Thanks to Options and Mike.

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