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The text in my edit window just starting today is invisible

  1. sicilyislandhills

    I went into the edit mode to edit text in a post that is private for now and today for the first time even though there was lots of text previously posted, it is invisible unless I hold the left mouse button down and drag it across the window. Then the text is visible as if it were highlighted in gray.

    I checked other old public posts and the same thing.

    Any ideas what is going on?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Mine is doing the same thing.

  3. Me too

  4. sicilyislandhills

    And I though Annie Liebovitz was the only one with problems....

  5. have a look at the "why i can't post" : seems there is a bug on WP

  6. sicilyislandhills

    I looked at your blog. Really nice photographs. You are very creative.
    While WP is down lets talk photographs. I have a photo blog myself and it has my contact/email address. My blog is

    Look forward to your email..


  7. I'm having the same problem, Help! and

    Kat at 6:12 CST Mon Sept 7

  8. sicilyislandhills

    Looks like we are all in the same boat

  9. We had a bug causing multiple problems. Should be fixed now.

  10. shirleyannesherris

    No it isn't fixed - mine is still invisible and cannot upload images either.
    The loading bar in the bottom right bar never fully connects. Something is blocking the final load in order to gain access to edit and posting in the visual window.
    It has been like this for a long time now and has happened before.
    I am having to use Blogger and then copy and paste into WordPress.

  11. Broken 9/7, then fixed, now broken again 9/8 @7am PST.
    Do you mean Bug like a virus?

  12. I doubt it, more probably bug like programming error.

  13. Having invisible Text today. Was ok before.

    Of course I can still select the text to make it visible and thats what i do. But I'd prefer the old fashioned way :D

  14. + (My Gravatar just doesn't want to change ..I still see that purple box since 2 days)

  15. Has this been fixed I am having the same issue.

  16. We can't offer support without a link to your blog. I'm getting this error at WordPress.ORG sites, but not

  17. Mine just started doing it, too. Here's the link to my blog

  18. Thanks. Have you tried the Cookie Dance? Log out, clear browser cache and cookies, do a full restart.

    If that doesn't work, does refreshing the page do it? And are you getting reports of a script error? Is your Visual editor loading properly?

  19. I'm running WordPress 2.8.4 on my own local server, and encounter the same issues. Should I roll-back to an older version, or is a fix planned to be released?

  20. hermanvos

    This is the wordpress.COM forum and we won't be able to help.
    Go to the worpress.ORG forum:

    Read here about the difference between COM and ORG

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