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The text on my main page is bold...

  1. Hello,

    I've a problem with my blog. Yesterday I've published a new page but it makes all my text in bold (categories, archives, calendar etc etc...) on my main page : But when I look the first topic and the others (, all is ok...
    What can I do to restore the text and make it "normal" ?

    Sorry for my explication if it's not "english" but I try to do my best, I'm french...

    Thank you ! :)

  2. Go to the Edit Post page, and check the HTML. Just click on the button and you should be able to see if it's got the "strong" or "b" tag around it. If so, take it out (and the "/strong" at the other end), then save the changes. That should work.

    This sometimes happens if you write the post offline or copy it from somewhere else and paste it in. Don't know why, though.

  3. Hello,

    Thanks for your answer... Strangely, all is fine right now and I don't touch anything... Weird. oO

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