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    1. header image I can replace with my own, with tagline that can be SEEN
    2. ability to change color of text in headers AND IN ALL HYPERLINKS
    3. two columns – text on right, sidebar on left
    4. footer widget space
    5. ‘leave comment’ to be CLEARLY visible
    Have tried Twenty 11 and, currently, Coraline: neither fills all these criteria.
    Would give my back teeth to find a theme that does …

    The blog I need help with is



    I started with criterion 2b, since it’s the most unusual option. So, assuming you mean change the link color once for all, and without the Custom Design upgrade, at the moment there are 14 themes that allow you to do that. (Want me to list them?) Of these, the only one that fills all the rest of your criteria is Chateau. (And again, whether Chateau fully fills no.2 depends on what exactly you mean: changing the color once for all applies to post titles and links inside posts but not independently of one another, doesn’t apply to headings inside posts, doesn’t apply to widget titles and links.)

    Of course, things would be very different if you bought the C.D. upgrade, since you would be able to change the font color and font size of any element on any theme.


    PANOS! – by all the gods, it’s good to know you’re still around.
    If I do buy that bloody thing again, will you promise to help me use it?


    Just looked (again) at Chateau: several of my existing widgets have gone – silly question, more’n likely; but will I be able to recreate them?
    And if so, why have the gone in the first place?



    When you switch between similarly designed themes, the widgets stay in place. But when you switch to a theme with a different structure (say, different number of sidebars), some or all of the widgets will disappear. No worries: you go to Appearance > Widgets, find them in Inactive, drag them back to the widget area you prefer.

    Yes, I’d help, but my suggestion is give Chateau a good try first, and don’t buy the bloody thing just to change the link or title color.


    See? – that’s what you get for dealing with me … TOTAL CONFUSION.
    Sorry, me old china …
    But I do like Coraline, and if you will only help me by telling me how to get into widgets to play around with fonts/colors thereof, I’ll be really happy.
    Because I’ve bought it already.
    Better to have access than not.

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