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The Thread of Lost Comments

  1. @darkjade68
    The new gravatar/avatar is super cool IMO. Also I thing ardpete may be onto something. Posting a single word may comment trigger being diverted into the spam filter. I'm also thinking that Staff cannot get into detail about what triggers this as there are so many spammers reading these threads.

  2. @Time thanks Time... You could be right about them not getting into it. As far as the short responses, perhaps they do get put in Spam more than normal replies, but I do know that I've had longer replies also get put into Spam. None the less, there may be a greater chance of the little one's getten thrown in.

    MY GOD, DO NOT HELP PETE GET AN EVEN BIGGER HEAD!!! The man spends an easy 3 to 4 hours a day in front of the mirror saying such things as "Who do yah love baby... You, that's who you love" lol

    Thanks Time


  3. I wish I could spend that much time in front of the mirror, I'm constantly stalking these forums telling you off! :P

    The more you put short responses I would suspect the forum would automatically think you are a spammer and then blocks all posts you make in that forum.

  4. Could be... Hey, how long did it take you to shave your complete head and face in that pic you had on one of your recent posts, lol


  5. With the shaving foam? Who says I did shave and didn't go straight to work with it?

  6. Here we go again. My post is "missing" ie. in the spam filter

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