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    It’s cool, but it’s kind of slow. Like when I click on a widget and drag it over to a column, it’s really slow and the image of said widget I’m dragging lags behind the cursor. Hope that made sense. I just wanted to put this out there, then again, this could just be an issue of a slow computer, but then again I didn’t have this problem with the old widgets page.
    Though I also want to mention how happy I am that I don’t have to click on a new page to go from sidebars 1 and 2, thanks ^_^

    The blog I need help with is



    FWIW I’m not having any trouble with “slow” dragging on any of my blogs.



    sorry, and another thing I noticed is that the title of my text widgets aren’t showing. My blog is CSS customized and I’ve kind of used many text widgets to position links off the sidebar. So, without the title of the text widget, I’d have to search through all the text widgets to find the one I’m looking for. As I have obviously demonstrated, I have plenty of time on my hands so this isn’t a big issue. I just wanted to point this out lol



    Most of the widgets work on the new system for me except Text Widget and RSS Widget.
    The Tile does not show and the Widget will not stay in the column when I go out to look at it.



    I can’t manage to save the new widgets. There are no posibilities to save these widgets on the site. They are disappearing.



    If you’re anything like me then you’ve probably clicked the remove button instead of the save button which is the blue one to the bottom right of the widget. The widgets automatically save once you hit that button.
    IMO the save button needs to be where the remove button is. Or at least have a warning message stating are you sure you want to remove the widget.


    I hit the save widget (blue button), but it still does not save it.


    I am also having a problem with the Text Widget. I put my text in, click save, but it won’t actually save to the site. HELP!



    What is the site and what is the code?


    I cannot edit my widgets at all!!!



    The site linked to your name is not a blog, and we won’t be able to provide support for that at all.


    Sorry, when I signed up I was not clear on what to fill in on the URL. The blog is hosted here –



    Thank you. Now, what specific error are you seeing? Do you get an error notice, or can you not grab the widgets or what, exactly?



    The new widgets page might look “cool” but it has some very poor design elements, in particular it is now longer obvious how to edit widgets without mildly panicking first and then experimenting to see if anything happens when you hover over a widget, where, if you ignore the 4-arrow cursor, you might eventually notice the very small and low-contrast grey-on-grey arrow appearing which clicking on eventually expands the widget for editing.

    The links to edit widgets should be visible at all times and should either show “Edit”, or if symbols are going to be used, they should be much darker and larger and placed before the name of the widget as it’s an important option that we look for that page.



    You might want to give that feedback to staff; they rarely read forum threads.



    When you drag a new widget into place, it seems slower as “all changes” to any widget, order of widgets or text in widgets is saved immediately. It should be a slight difference only as it does the editing and saving in one step. As for the text and RSS widgets issues, you should contact staff for sure as many have noticed that.




    Sacredpath or other senior user, please help.

    I am a WordPress super user and know the details of setting up blogs and pictures in the widgets. I have already read the FAQs and do not find a solutoin

    However I need some help.

    Please look at the and also

    Both have been set up with the usual


    However for some reason the pictures are not showing up on the blog.

    PS: The new widget setup blog does not show the title of the widget and displays “text”. This is a huge problem and should be fixed.


    @Raincosater – The existing widgets on my page are all there and working fine. However, I cannot edit them, except to move them up and down in the list, or change them in any way. I noticed this because it was my intention to modify one of the text widgets. I cannot even tell which one is which. It’s like all the customization and editing capabilities have been de-activated.


    OK, I found the subtle grey arrow referred to by moinansari, and that takes care of my question. But it certainly is not intuitive or easy to find.



    I am having a problem with the new widgets panel – sense it was introduced I can’t edit the pages widget. Is there a way I can solve this problem?

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