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    I put this on a forum but was directed to bring it to you. I didn’t want to type is all over again so understand I was talking to someone on the forum and what follows should be read in that context.


    Let me give you an example of what I just went through. I wanted to edit one of my poems. Let me take you through what happened and I won’t include it all because I would be here the rest of the evening typing.

    Stop my when I get to the point you think is sounds like fun.

    I clicked “edit

    it came up and all the spacing was no gone. I thought, well sometimes these things are quirky and it really isn’t gone when I hit update. I was wrong. It was gone.

    So I tried to hit edit again and it came up the same way. So I had to redo that.
    I put in some needed punctuation. I also changed a few words.
    I clicked preview and it looked ok only when I went back to it guess what?
    all the spacing was gone again.
    I redid that again.
    I had to resign myself after doing this twice that preview was out of the question anymore. It was useless.

    I uploaded a photo to go with it. I wasn’t quite sure of the size so I clicked update to see. It was too small so I hit edit on the photo ,silly me, thinking edit meant edit.
    No you can’t edit the size of the photo you have to delete it and upload it again only now that you know this you have to keep uploading it until you guess the right size you want by redoing it over and over. Is this fun for you guys yet?

    Oh, I forgot to mention that each and every single time I hit update on the photo and checked the size and had to update it again, you know what happened right? The next time I hit edit all the spacing was gone again so keep in mind I have to do this as well each and every time and preview was rendered useless as I’ve said prior. Fun yet? I don’t know maybe you guys are masochists.

    So I still can’t get the spacing right because it insists on making it all look double spaced and you can’t do anything about that unless, of course, you have a degree in computer engineering. A large part of the market WordPress is aiming at. Much like Apple. I’m also still amazed that no matter where I look you just can’t change the font or the size of it. Amazing! Such a simple thing to have.

    So after messing around some more with just this one poem, I finally got it as close as I’m going to get it. It took 28 minutes!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m sorry, I have better ways to spend my time. I have hundreds of poems and I will be into the next century with this at this rate!

    OK so you want to go after the computer nerd market as overwhelmingly huge as that is compared to the populous as a whole. A sort of Apple mentality of marketing. Why don’t we target a few instead of the many. That’s OK. Fine whatever. Did someone ever consider this? Why not make is simpler so those of us who don’t spend every waking hour with our computers might be able to use it using common sense and those wanting to unleash their prowess of computing will also have all the extras to have at it? Nah, that would be common sense.

    Look I write. I’m not into computers. I know your jaw probably dropped just now but you know what? There are more than just a few of us out there. In fact, we outnumber you. I wanted this as a tool to show what I’m really interested in and that’s writing. I want my energies reserved for that creativity not drained away trying to cope with something I have no interest in and struggle through it just to post one poem. Am I making any sense here?

    Computing and poetry are different parts of the brain. Because of that I don’t think computer programmers make the best poets. I’m not living in your part of the brain. I’m living the way I’m wired and I don’t what my creativity ripped from me by becoming so burned out trying to learn something I have little to know interest in. I want to spend my time doing what i enjoy and what I have interest in. Is that me being silly?

    Here. have a read

    It’s a shame those at WordPress have such a narrow business acumen. Yes, you can still grow big but is that the real point I’m making? Hardly.
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    Poetry and other formatting-intensive structures can be problematic at times.

    I highly recommend reviewing this article:

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