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The visual rich editor changed my HTML code

  1. When I tried to edit my " daily post" articles, the visual rich editor changed my HTML code from

    <ul><br /> <li><br /> <div><a href="url">title</a></div><br /> <div>description</div><br /> <div>tags</div><br /> </li><br /> </ul>


    <ul><br /> <li><br /> <p><a href="url">title</a></p><br /> <p>description</p><br /> <p>tags</p><br /> </li><br /> </ul>

    so the whole article looked strange. If I disable the visual rich editor, the HTML code remains and the article shows normally. I did the same thing before and the visual rich editor didn't change my code. Is there any changes?

  2. The visual rich editor is actually TinyMCE. Many people dislike it as it does change the html code. I actually hate the thing with a passion. (I have an FAQ on my support forum on how to strip it out of PHPNuke and am now considering a WP one as well seeing how many problems it causes.)

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