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The word "Edit"

  1. On all my published pages and posts the word [Edit] - in the brackets - appears at the end of the text. A user can click in this and immediately change or alter any of my text. How do I turn off the [Edit} on the page or post?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Only you see that word when you are signed in, so you do not have to worry. Other Admins, if you have any, of your site would too, but I don't think you have any.

    Look at anyone else's site - you don't see the [Edit] because it is not your blog.

  3. You're the only one that sees that. Check out your blog without logging in to see what a regular "visitor" weeks see.

  4. I'm always late to the party. :)

  5. I gotta stop doing this from my stinking phone! So, no way to edit existing forum posts?

  6. Thank you all, that did occur to me after I posted the question but I didn't test it. You may have been late for the party cjackkittycat but I'm glad you came anyway.

  7. @cjackkittycat
    Due to the past behavior of kids and trolls only Staff and Moderators can edit forum posts, delete them or close them.

  8. Timethief: done as requested.

  9. Thank you and best wishes with your blog. :)

  10. Makes sense Timethief! It's good for me, it will improve my proof-reading skills. ;)


  11. Hi again,
    While we are on the subject, have you located the proofreader yet?

  12. Yeah, thanks! It's mostly due to the fact that when I comment in a forum from my phone I inevitably have some sort of weird auto-correct or Swype error that sneaks through. I appreciate the help!

  13. Oh well, I tried. :)

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